Arthritis Left Over from Lyme & Morgellons Disease 6/23/19


Lyme disease is an issue because according to the research its so connected to Morgellons Disease as in a previous update, Morgellons and Lyme Disease Research Link. And, I know personally since Lyme disease also destroyed my life over ten years ago. This press release, A Bacterial Remnant May Explain Arthritis in Lyme Patients, is about a bacterial remnant of the borrelia bungaforte spirochete found in patients who along with Lyme disease developed arthritic symptoms that never went away after having been treated with antibiotics. The press release starts with, " Even after antibiotic treatment, some Lyme disease patients continue to suffer from debilitating arthritis." Many suffering from Morgellons also report arthritic like symptoms.

They found that the borrelia bungaforte bacterium leaves behind parts of it cell wall, Borrelia peptidoglycan, which causes and auto immune response resulting in inflammation and arthritis.

I find the study interesting for a couple reasons:
1. It's rare that antibiotics work with Lyme disease.
2. Who says that the
Borrelia peptidoglycan
wasn't there all along.
3. The study supports my
protocol in which I strongly recommend boosting glutathione for a myriad of reasons. One of which is to reduce inflammation. Doing that alone reduced my inflammation and arthritic symptoms by over 90% and made life tolerable. The other important part of my protocol is to use what is reported to be a natural antibiotic, allicin, as in our Grcillin product. After nearly 8 years of using MaxOne to boost glutathione, I added Garcillin and the remaining ten percent of symptoms went bye bye. Note that I can't predict everyone else will have the same result, however as stated in my report, Lyme disease doesn't have to own you anymore, it's the place to start before doing anything else. 

One of the complicating factors well known with Lyme disease is that the
orellia bungaforte bacterium creates a bio film that makes treating it with antibiotics very very difficult--another reason why I wonder how they found 34 patients in the study, Borrelia burgdorferi peptidogyycan is a persistent antigen in patients with Lyme arthritis.
that were successfully treated with antibiotics to study.

It turns out that bio-film not only complicates the treatment of Lyme disease, but just about everyone who has Morgellons,
Bio Film and Morgellons, also deals with bio film in one form or another. Nature's Gift™ has been reported time after time to break down bio film on the skin and in one's mouth. Consuming the mouth wash may be a way of dealing with some of the internal bio film as reported in a blog post, Mouth Wash might Just be So Much More. In addition we are adding a new enzyme formula, Nature's Gift™ Chitin/BioFilm Defense Enzymes. These enzymes specifically target biofilm and chitin as you will find in the mouth parts of mites. This means we'll be targeting mites and other organisms that have chitin or born from an egg (shell composed of chiten), or internal fungal concentrations two ways:

Lufenuron to keep chitin from forming--eggs, and the cell walls of candida and fungus.
2, Enzymes targeted to destroy developed chitin as in mouth parts of organisms feeding on one's skin.
We hope to have these enzymes available next week.