An Apple a Day Helps Keep Morgellons Away 12/23/19


The Green Granny Smith Apple--Perfect for stage 2 of the King Diet­™!

Granny Smith apples are definitely one of the healthiest choices. A low on sugar fruit loaded with fiber and phytonutrients to sustain your health.  An enjoyable way to boost your immune system in dealing with Morgellons Disease.  Time to celebrate when you are on stage 2 of the King diet. 

Be it using them in healthy recipes or simply enjoying them as is your reaping the benefits are a guarantee!

Going for gold with the ‘Green Granny Smith Apple’ knowing you are indulging in an apple that tops the charts according to extensive research!

•  As per Science Daily Granny smith apples showed outstanding results regarding experiments done on obese mice.  The non-digestible s in the Granny Smith apples changed the proportions of fecal bacteria from obese mice to match that of lean mice," .

 Additional research as per trials stated that both lean and obese mice which were fed seven varieties of apples concluded that the Granny Smiths were the gut bacteria changers, aiding in digestion and providing a barrier to further protect the immune system.

We speak of non digestible compounds here, in other words fiber.  More on this amazing topic.  Read on…

•  Further it’s noted that good bacteria are right out of balance in obese patients.

•  It’s not all about being obese!  Did you read a previous article “Gut Bacteria  Aids In Morgellons Recovery And Dictates Your Health” which showed all disease has a domination of bad gut bugs?”

•  Basic Nutritional Info.

•  Calories - low calories.  An average apple has about 70 calories.  Granny Smiths being lower in carbs than other apples.  Most of these calories are composed of the apple's 17 grams of carbohydrates consisting of a natural fruit sugar.  Fruit sugars as you know are a great source of fuel.

A sure way to boost that 3pm afternoon slump.  Tucking into a Granny Smith provides your with a modest energy boost getting you out of that slump. 

•  Fiber  -   Granny apples have a glowing shine because of their fiber content.  Fiber maintains a healthy weight giving you fullness without loading up on it’s calories.

-  Fiber rich meals support good cholesterol levels.

-  Granny Smith Apples are winners when it comes to non digestible compounds, the famous fiber that promotes digestive health.

-  The Healthy Tomato couldn’t quiet help themselves in de-railing from the tomato topic onto the Granny Smith because it’s such an outstanding apple. They mention the Granny Smith excels over other varieties of apples regarding non-digestible compounds which actually ferment in the colon. This is beneficial to the good bacteria in the gut which effects multitudes of other areas of your health.  They provide an interesting list of health benefits.  If there is one main thing that we with Morgellons know about and that is the importance of good gut health.
-  High fiber in addition to antioxidants increases bile production which in turn expels toxins before they reach the liver.  A great liver detoxifier.

-  Petin is a gel like forming fiber that absorbs water and stabilizes the stool.  People who took 24 grams of pectin daily experienced fewer symptoms of diarrhea and constipation. 

  •  Phytonutrients the beneficial plant compound offers many health benefits including anti cancer properties.  Did you know, antioxidants protect your cells from genetic mutations?  Granny Smiths have potent anti-mutation properties and cannot be compared to other apples.

•  When researchers conducted trials in the anti-mutagenic potential of a range of apples, Granny Smiths showed significantly higher and more broad spectrum anti-mutagenicity.  

-  Studies backed up the fact that the flavonoid and phytochemical  components decreased the growth of cancer cells as well as inhibiting liver and colon cancer cell growth.

•  According to Agriculture and Food Chemistry the highest anti oxidant content in apples is in the peel.

•  Vitamin C boosts the production of collagen which is great for our skin that has taken such a hammering with Morgellons and all the scrubbing and rubbing.  Also great for bone and joint health.

•  Apple peels.  That lovely crunch when you're biting into an apple is ursolic acid in the peel and it reduces risks of liver disease as per trials performed on mice.

-  There is a strong connection between liver health and osteoporosis. So the benefit on the liver will also benefit your bones.  

  Tarty Granny Smith’s 

The dominant apple tart flavor of Granny Smith's dictates they are great to use in healthy recipes.  Finely sliced Granny Smiths are a great additive to smoothies and morning oats providing pungent, potent pops of flavor. 

Handy hint -  Sometimes I finely grate a Granny smith let it go brown, sprinkle some bran over it with a dribble of apple cider vinegar. I alternate doing this with the addition of chopped up banana.  A guaranteed morning visit to the loo.  Nice! 

Did you read the article on banana’s, The Amazing Banana Stands Up to Fight Morgellons Disease, and how they are allowed on stage 2 of the King Diet?

So true are the words…

An apple a day keeps the Doctor away.

Author - Diane Shannon (South-Africa)
Alias  -  Morgellons and Slime Mold on youtube

“Optimal Wellness is a condition of complete physical, mental and social vitality, not simply the nonappearance of dis-ease symptoms"
- Diane Shannon -