Pt III Are Antibiotics a Good Idea for Chronic Lyme and Morgellons Syndrome? 7/25/2021


This is part III of "Are Antibiotics for Lyme and Morgellons Disease a Good Idea?"

To summarize, Part I was about how antibiotics can contribute to super bugs resistant to antibiotics and how they can destroy epithelial cells of the skin and gut.

Part II was about the nutritional accidents I discovered that contribute to health and immune functioning to deal with Lyme disease and hence Morgellons disease.

This is all further explained in my free report, "Lyme Disease Doesn't Have to Own You Anymore," The nutritional recommendations are to eat healthy with the King DietSM and use the NG Lyme Pack which consists of
NG Multivitamin
NG Ionic Minerals
MaxOne glutathione accelerator

All four available in the Lyme Supplement Pack

As I noted in Part II of this report, it's how I got my life back from chronic Lyme when antibiotics failed.  Note that this does not replace medical treatment or cure Lyme and Morgellons diseases. It's the first thing, along with the King DietSM that you might want to before going for treatment. 

Look at it this way: To get an appointment with a doctor specializing in Lyme disease, Lyme Literate Medical Doctor, (LLMD), it can take a month or so to get your first appointment which would most likely be only an intake session. In the meantime would it not make sense to take action with these supplements rather than simply wait in pain and agony.

The free report goes into the various treatments for Lyme disease:
Rotation of antibiotics
Salt and Vitamin C
Hyperbaric oxygen treatments
Glutathione pushes

Additionally the report explains how to minimize detox reactions that may happen with the different types of Lyme treatments and even with Garcillin or MaxOne.

Here's the good news: These supplements are beneficial for everyone to take. If you are healthy, they keep you healthy, if you are not healthy they build immune functioning and health. Thus the added expense of dealing with Lyme disease is zero.

Following are other alternative approaches you may use in addition to the nutritional package discussed above:

A combination of essential oils as  explained in an update, Killing Lyme Disease with Morgellons Cocktail  This is a combination of 6 essential oils which have been reported to significantly benefit some sufferers. Research at Johns Hopkins also reports the benefits of usng essential oils to deal with Lyme disease.

Still, another alternative would be SSKI (Super Saturate Potassium Iodide) as reported in my 2/7/19 update.

And still another alternative might be using 8% hydrogen peroxide.

But before you jump into peroxide, essential oils, or the SSKI, the order in which you tackle the organisms destroying your health is very important. Watch this video Q&A video by Dr. Jay Davidson & Dr. Todd Watts. They state that the first thing is to make sure your elimination (pee and poop) is working well. Why? Because this is how you're going to rid yourself of the toxins from your body. 

In the last segment of this report, "Where to Start Your Recovery," we will look at the order of your attack. Believe it or not, it can make a difference between success and failure