Why Would You Ever Stop Taking Garcillin 1/1/2023


Why would you ever stop taking Garcillin? Every day when I take my supplements, I wonder why anyone would ever stop taking Garcillin? Well, maybe I'm gilded. Fifteen years ago in my early 60's (yes, I'm 77 now) I was stricken with Lyme disease. Yes, "stricken." One day I was fit and pain free and within days I was aching like crazy to the point my knees were inflamed to twice their normal size and I had 24/7 pain and agony.

Getting in and out of my car was a painful chore. I could not stand to keep my foot on the accelerator of my car so I made a stick to use to push on the gas peddle. 

My first relief came from boosting my glutathione with MaxOne. I was happy to get 95% back and was resigned to be better but not in perfect health. And then, a few years later I learned of Garcilin and "bang." One capsule and I was in total agony again. Yes, total agony but I soon realized the incredible inflammation was because the Garcillin did a fast detox. 

I got rid of the inflammation with a massage pillow under my knees to release my lymphatics and took 2 caps per day of Garcillin in my every day supplements and within 6 months I was 99% improved. 

Today, I'm at 99.9%. - pain and inflammation free. I can even write my name whereas it was impossible before I started Garcilin. 

Since then, there have been a few times when we could not obtain Garcillin for a couple weeks and I was blessed with colds. I can't claim that as long as I take Garcillin that I will not get sick with a cold, the flu, or covid, but I will never stop taking Garcillin on a regular basis which is now 1 capsule a day. 

One of the reasons why my protocol is so powerful is that Garcillin is much more than an antibiotic or an anti viral. Blog post,
Morgellons Undressed and Simplified - Co factors goes into many co-factors that make Morgellons the night mare that it is.

PETER JOSLING in Allicin and Vitamin C writes, "Some parasites cause irritation and interfere with bodily functions. Others destroy host tissues and release toxins into the body, thus injuring health and causing disease. Human parasites include fungi, bacteria, viruses, protozoa and worms, and can all be treated with Allicin.

Antiparasitic activity, including against some major human intestinal protozoan parasites
such as Entamoeba histolytica and Giardia lamblia, is consistently observed with allicin. The main antimicrobial effect is due to allicin’s chemical reaction with thiol groups of various enzymes, e.g. alcohol dehydrogenase, thioredoxin reductase and RNA polymerase, which can affect essential metabolism of cysteine proteinase activity involved in the virulence of E. histolytica."

Return this email and I'll be glad to send you a copy of his free ebook - a book everyone should read. The point is that once you get your life back, why in the heck would you ever stop taking Garcillin. We are exposed to dangerous bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoan and other dangerous organisms are around us everyday. Doesn't it make sense to protect yourself every day? 

The maintenance dose is just one capsule per day. However, when you are dealing with serious infestation of organisms, whether they be dangerous bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoan, and so on, you may need to go up to as many as 6 caps per day of the regular Garcillin and then switch to Garcillin II which is said to be more powerful. And you can pick up at 2 per day and go up to 6 caps per day. 

Detox? Hell yes, you may have severe detox reactions are about getting rid of the dead organism from your body. Read "Diminishing Detox Reactions from Morgellons Using Enzymes, Amino Acids and Zeolite 3/1/20