The Value of Affirmations,/Prayer/Vibrations to Fight Morgellons 7/22/2022


Who hasn't been awakened at 3 am with relentless itching and or biting sensations accompanied by gloomy and doomy thoughts. I remember all too well, I've been there many times, as I jumped into a hot bath - that was long before Nature's Gift. And this might sound strange to you, but as I remember it all too well, I forgot what it felt like. And that's where you can be if you're not there already - remember life was hell, but forget what if felt like.

Back then, I remember my thoughts were of confusion, desperation, and hopelessness. You know:

"There's no hope!"
"It doesn't make sense!"
"Am I ever going to get better?"
"This is going to kill me!"
And I'm sure you have other thoughts of hopelessness.

What's the problem with these thoughts? They are associated with vibrations and the universe is comprised of vibrations. For instance, your favorite music is a collection of vibrations. Have you ever pulled up to a car with an open window at a light with loud bass thumping sounds that shook you to your core and you couldn't wait to get away? So, there are vibrations that agree with you and are good for your being and there are vibrations that don't. The above thoughts produce vibrations that contribute to energies associated with emotions such as depression, confusion, uncertainty, and so on. In fact these vibrations and energies contribute to the release of fight or flight hormones and further contribute to lower IQ, and interfere with creativity.

If you attend our free Sunday Conference calls or watch them on youtube, we have a segment about managing stress - managing your vibrations whether you call them affirmations or a prayer. If you haven't already, please subscribe to our youtube channel. Our Sunday program is a safe place for you to bring all that depression, anxiety, confusion, uncertainty, and so on and convert it to inspiration. We share many basic stress management techniques:
Deep Breathing - also great to help reduce hypertension
Tapping exercise - a neuro linguistic exercise to ground vibrations.
Music - my co-host, Robin, is a professional and talented musician who often treats us to one of her songs.
Humor with a selection of jokes
Laughter - yes we sometimes do belly laughing where you belly laugh to the point you can't stop.
Affirmations/Prayer/Verbal Vibrations where we choose phrases and words that promote immune functioning and health.

Of course we can share these techniques with you but it's up to you to remember to do them. So, if you notice your thoughts being more of gloom and doom and find what I wrote informative, or if this is right up "your alley," put the link to this youtube video on your phone to be easily accessed. Have it available anytime you could use a shift in your thinking and vibrations. You can go to my other website, and pay $15 for it and actually download it onto your computer or phone, or because you are in my program use it for free by going to youtube by clicking here

Affirmations to replace Gloom and Doom thinking. Make it a habit and listen to them frequently. 

Yessssss, now that you are in the program and have heard of the fantastic results many others have had, you can throw away that litany of hopelessness with affirmations and I'm giving them to you for free.