Derrick Broze re 5G Threat to Getting Our Life Back from Morgellons   1/13/2021


A few months back I happened upon a series of videos about the danger of 5G. 5G is the newest cell phone experiment on humanity. It's a high frequency used to download and upload data to the internet.

I purchased the series of videos.  5 G Summit worldwide call to action, June 2020  by Josh Del Sol, and asked for volunteers to watch them and write up a summary of each for us to learn more about this threat. Andrea was one of the volunteers and the first video she has written up was that of Dr. Klinghart MD PhD.

Derrick BROZEinspiring story
• Investigative journalist
• Activist against 5G
• Blogger, youtuber from Houston
• Author, radio host, influencer, inspiring leader
• Educated City Council effectively on 5G
• Running for Mayor of Houston in 2020

After challenging youth and spending some time in prison for drugs
He found himself and went thru “resurrection” process
Buddhism, meditations, self-reflection
Conscious intentional path, overcame challenges
Started focus on health issues and
Looked at own city
Activism (Protests, rallies, marches but also building activities)
He launched activist blog in 2010 “ Houston free thinkers ….”The Houston Free Thinkers

Then Journalism asking hard question
Writes into independent media, web sites
Own web side : “Conscious  resistance” ,
The Conscious Resistance Network | Creating a Better World by Healing Hearts and Minds
Merges actual issues with spiritual world
Brings people together

First he was interested in health issues  (microwave use, fluoride in water…)
Over years he learned about potential danger of cell phone, EMF
5 G became increasingly important
Mayor of Houston was announcing  partnership with Verizon,
“World first 5G customer”, beginning of 5G rollout in Houston
Deal between Mayor of Houston and Verizon CEO
Both mayor and CEO of Verizon denied awareness about privacy concerns and health in general
Mayor received from CTIA 5G WIFI Champion Award for removing restriction to make it easierto put 5G in Obvious conflict of interest

Dereck started to attend City council in this matter
He took it as  valuable tool as propaganda to spread the message
Attended City Council 6 times just for 5G
Sent emails, studies, covering every angel
about privacy, health, local control – eminent domain, FCC…
Making videos from hearings   - tool how to spread  the word-  uploading them  to city web site and channel ….for other viewers  and also for record for the  future if possible lawsuit will occur
Notifying issues and  getting them on record

Talk about solution not only about issues
Take on city web side, put it on record that city official are being  informed,  made aware …
Bring them physical documents, spread awareness
We want to have informed members of the City Council and  mostly are not and they should be as city /state representatives
We need to understand they are not adversaries, mostly they just don’t know, give them opportunity for discussion  but if they failing to recognize the reality and risk, then they can be held accountable
We need to work together

Organisation “CONCIOUS RESISTANCE” and you tube videos (over 30.000 subscribers )
As a concerned individual focused on solutions
You can write letters, sent emails, make  phone calls to representatives
You need to follow the person mentality
Not acquisition but
Educate , inform ….that’s a goal
Educate  about topic what is important for you  regarding 5G, EMF
If you try to spread awareness, you try to reach to everyone,  even to people who think you are crazy,
Show them you care about them, everyone can have benefit from your effort

FOCUS IN 3 AREAS, effective facts and strategies
1. Health,
2. Privacy,
3.Local control – eminent domain (property rights)
If people ignore or under mind health or privacy issue
No one want to have antenna, cell tower around

He is not scientist but it not exclude him from understanding science
He is investigative journalist reflecting on actual issues
People in corporates think they know all
There is an assumption that everyone is doing their job ( FCC, media, government ), that if 5G is causing harm, we would be informed, that there is no corruption (blind trust to authorities)
but, Different pieces of evidence should be put together
And it’s bigger than just health and 5G
There is corruption in US government and in corporate main stream media who are shaping public opinion.
Because of that issue about 5G is suppressed or
Science that is promoted to average person is that government mandate corporate funded science
Commercials seen only from Verizon… influence 
Be aware – they are many propagandized individuals you are trying to educate
Gather information, compare data, communicate the message
And let decide your audience about it
Someone might say you are not scientist, doctor –
Find good interview, expert with good positive message and share it

Health: Main concern is potential cancer caused by WIFI directly or just because body is breaking down from not reviving itself being exposed to constant EMF, WIFI, constant pulsation also during the night
Take precautions
Privacy: 5G is heralding smart phones, smart houses, smart cars, smart street lights, smart city…the whole futuristic world
All that needs 5G for its quick ability to send signals
Along with that you have  hundreds of towers and  millions of new sensors, built in microphones… and this is going to dramatically increase potential to be surveilled, monitored  and to be hacked
This should be wake up call not to  resign
You have to have private thoughts in free society, if you don’t have privacy in your home are you truly free ?
5G is going to increase facial recognition technology
5G is Surveillance Technology

Eminent domain
Every 200 -500 feet will be  attached or built new infrastructure, new cell tower
2018 FCC rule - local government have no longer control over  5G roll outs
Cities   have very limited ability to agree where towers  will be installed , can’t decide how much to charge the companies, they only can argue esthetics
2019 Executive order  from D. Trump -  local governments have to approve all sides within 90 days
Very limited decision making
Cities can  say no…. facing  law suits, willing to do that?  some small towns did ( California), you need local politician to step in
State right being putting down by federal government

Some local government are getting creative -
• Recertification fees for utilities
• Safer distances 1500 feet distance to residential, school areas
• New York Ordinance: local government may randomly check on Verizon equipment and do own study if equipment operates properly
They are creative ways for push back
City by city battle
At the moment pressure is needed
Community has to make resistance
Houston can be as an example, if shows some resistance other cities follow
Example is empowering
This is situation that does need world-wide action

WHAT HAPPENS IF AWARENESS REACHES SOME CRITICAL TRESHOLD but still we have” money and power agenda”
How we can navigate the most positive outline here?
We see a patchwork of cities who pushed back and were able to delay or change the location or testing implemented
But there is a lot of money in making 5G rollout
These companies are bedding on everything
5G is also battle between China Huawei and US Verizon, between China and US
Not only because of futuristic benefits but also for military use
Trillion of dollars to make this happen
Even year from now and when towers will be everywhere fight is still not over but very important
There is still reason for active resistance
Because of potential  lawsuits- holding companies accountable like
Monsanto law suit, now company is being held accountable
Big tobacco another perfect analogy
It is potential when people will start getting sick, unfortunately
this could be a decade long battle and struggle
There is no presidential candidate running on ending 5G unfortunately
Its up to us as individual to move forward and vision the future of healthy families, driving communities

inside your home especially
cell phones on airplane mode only, no phone in bed, plugged- wired everything, (its faster even  being connected by cable)
community and family decision (especially about protecting kids)
CONTINUE TO RISE AWARENESS, educate people, educate yourself
actively take a role and direction
identify problem, focus on solution
all this is going to help us as an individual and community to move forward in proactive way rather than reactive
CANDIDATE FOR MAYOR of Houston in 2020
5G was the main driver for running
3 mil people in Houston many are not be voting but at least they can get the message about the issue
Great opportunity how to rise awareness
Hoping 5G will become an issue in Houston
Call for 5G moratorium

FEAR and DECISION / deep soul wisdom
Real challenge today -  as humanity we have to make a decision
How can we navigate the process dealing with fear and go forward in a positive way?
His own story as an example being in jail and making transformation later
Physically powerless
Just feeling fear
Tribal mentality in jail
You have accept  it, let it go…
Everything you have is just your mind set
Writing reflections, thought out of head
Journalism saved him
“I need to make most of the situation”
Conscious individual decision “I am going to change my life - for myself”
Buddhism, sitting meditation
Individual choice that he wants something different
This can be applied to every aspect of  life
Took holistic path and wrote
His book “Holistic self assessment

The Holistic Self-Assessment | The Conscious Resistance Network
Simple book which goes thru his entire process
Easy to digest
“Who I am, my principles, my goals… different exercises to achieve goals, what I want in life”
Helpful tool for everyone
They are many with good intention, lot of potential who failed accomplished what they want because they are not actualizing