5 G Threat to Getting Our Life Back from Morgellons from Dana Ashlie  7/9/2022


This interview was with Dana ASHLIE
Leading youtuber in compelling issues 5G, WIFI radiation, spiritual prophecy  (over 100.000 subscribers  )
She is communicating in more digestible manner  with tact and humor
She provides big picture perspective in easy way
you tube “Dana Ashlie”
Seattle magazine commenting on hazardous issues - fluoride, pesticide, organic food, GMO
Background also in detox, fasting, health issues, questioning mainstream beliefs
After having health problems (migraines) due to  exposure to WIFI she started her own you tube to help others,  connect dots, inform people and motivate them to get critical

Before  considering WIFI she thought only about healthy food, “healthy fuel”
Despite of detoxing, fasting, healthy food  - health issues persisted
Metal are connected to candida – which is  trying buffer mercury from your body
If you get rid of mercury, you can get rid of candida. This is interesting, first I've heard of this connection. Nevertheless, my protocol by increasing glutathione has this covered

Dr Chris Exley  - Why young people have Alzheimer, Parkinson - impacted by metals
“Aluminum contributes to Alzheimer disease “ – patients have brain full of aluminum  and brain is deteriorating.
The most recent update, Help for your Mouth, Teeth, and Gums to Fight Morgellons discusses the dangers of aluminum and fluoride. 
Research in 70 ties - frequencies open up the blood brain barrier , WIFI in conjunction with heavy metals,  reason why young people have MS, Parkinson, Alzheimer
Blood test  for metals shows only acute issues, but not what body accumulated, just last 3 days exposure
Fluoride as a metal could accumulate in the body ( pacifying effect).
Mercury - Amalgam filling –around soft tissue of your scull, with breathing and drinking hot liquid it goes to your body
Aluminum – we are cooking with it ( foils, pans) , using deodorants,  vaccines, roll aids, stratosphere – nano aluminum particles , titanium
YES, we all have heavy metals.
Dr Klinghart, successful treatment of MS, autism and Alzheimer with removing WIFI and detox from heavy metals
Dr. Martin Pall – alarming amount of early stages of Alzheimer amongst millennials
Microwave radiation in 70 many studies indicated harm and we still 50 years later are using them. 
Is this agenda?
What kind of negative effects?
Many decades they are preparing footing for situation where we are right know
Back to 50,60,70 when farming is switching to industrial food processing
Government paid  more money to farmers to stop producing and started subsidizing people who are making artificial products full of hormones and toxins
Food, produce is not as it was ( minerals, vitamins are gone)
You have to eat 8 apples to get benefit of 1 apple
Non GMO corn has 6130 ppm of calcium, GMO corn has 14 ppm of calcium
Complete striping of minerals in food supply
Depleted of minerals body became sponge for toxic heavy metals
Glyphosates - Dr. Stephanie Seneff ” Glyphosates and Health," Dr. proved that glyphosates attack specific streams of probiotics
Glyphosates drain minerals from the body and deliver aluminum to the brain  

Heavy metals AD to WIFI, they act like antenna to frequencies
Emotions do have frequencies, are they going directly manipulate our emotions?
Recommendation - get heavy metals out of  your body! We will became less sensitive

Military  has done extensive research on magnetic field in 70's
Few minutes exposure to 900 MHz  does harm (all cordless phones in 90 )
Military “Electrical warfare department” knew Microwave frequencies are harmful
2.4 GHz –is used today for everything, WIFI, routers, cordless phone, baby monitors
They knew whatever frequency they picked will be bombarding human being
Raytheon (military defense contactor) responsible company for choosing these frequencies
This is military grade

A navy person, counter terrorism specialist, reached her about his specific knowledge about millimeters waves machines:
scanning machines at the airport harm to people working there and all passing thru
The group of insiders came our with report with scientific studies
Meeting with 4-star general (who was in charge), he told them to not talk about it
Team was dispended and separated after meeting
Another person from Department of homeland security, the airport worker has neurological conditions and many others, also cancer
Do they know?  YES but they are not going to stop.

Production of biotoxins rises in mold culture 600x more in exposure of RF field (Dr. Klinghart)
NASA document from 197 , Chapter 6
Proving that  the nature of organism’s interaction with agent of infection is changed  in enormous way, when humans or animals are radiating with EM waves
They admit radiation causes resistance to microorganisms in human beings
Aggravation of infectious processes such TBC, influence on vital activity of bacteria and other single cell organisms
Millimeters wave effects bacteria they became multidrug -resistant bacteria
Pestilence, plague can be caused  by allowing untested frequencies

Patent for pesticide use millimeter wave frequency (24GHz) as a form of extermination
FCC auctioned this frequency to almost 3000 companies for unknown use
It’s dangerous for nature
Birds, starlings are highly sophisticated using electromagnetic  fields
It happened they were felling from the sky, during 5G test in Netherland
Cell phones by bee house cause bees don’t come back, bees also use magnetic fields
Famine of bees… colony collapse disorder

Effective response in general - spread the word, you can’t get this info in the news or media
And protect your home and health
It’s all about the knowledge shared

RADIATION EFFECTS, you need to know them to take the action
Sleep disorder, migraine, inability to focus, heart problems, vertigo, dizziness,  even nose bleeding…
Headache of kids, anxiety, suicidal tendencies in millennial generation
We should be aware of potential  impact and  proper diagnoses.
You don’t have “just headache” but  probably WIFI exposure and you need get wired.
Alzheimer, MS, autism, ALS … caused by mixture of radiation and metals exposure

Sleeping time - very important time when you can rest
Kill switches, no frequencies in night, you have to regenerate not be pulsed
Dead zone even during the day
For cell phone get rj45 adapter and Econut cable irradiate access of microwave radiation
Hard wire everywhere everything
Use airplane mode
Never allow  our kids to have cell phone on them
Buy your own meter, you have to invest this way to have house clean
Cornet device- trifield meter,  does elf /emf/ WIFI  (200 dollars) recommended
Another option  acoustic meter
limit cordless phones, use old school phones
Grounding,  be careful  improperly grounded shield is dangerous

Stop to add heavy metals to your body (no fluoride tooth paste)
Remove mercury from teeth but not using normal dentist
ONLY “ IAMOMT” - certified   dentist
DON’T cook with aluminum foil, NO aluminum pans
Cut out food with glyphosate (Dr. Klinghart)
No GMO corn, No GMO wheat, No non organic wheat, No canola oil
Glyphosate escort aluminum into brain
Eat a lot of good probiotics and prebiotics, fermented vegies
Buy from local farms
Support your body with good minerals (they release heavy metal, wash them out from your body)
She is drinking “black water“ contain fulvic and humic acid (trace minerals – washing out heavy metals)
Infrared sauna,  especially “far infrared “  (cleaning inside out -you need to sweat)
Drink only good water  FIJI artesian water
Vitamin C
Glutathione is really key, helping body to get realizing metals naturally, food sources for glutathione:
Sulphur rich food
Garlic, onion, leak,
Cruciferous vegetable - kale, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, brussels sprouts
Of course we boost glutathione with MaxOne and NAC because you will never get enough glutathione from food sources. 


Hair mineral metal analyses to determine if you have excess heavy metals 
Dr. Larry Wilson,  group of naturopaths from all over the country

We have to take practical role, because question is not if you get sick just when
Do your own research too
Listen to inner consciousness, intuition
They counting on us to be apathetic, distracted and on convenience factor
Be not feared but prepared.

PS. After getting rid off WIFI Dana’s migraines stopped

I thank Andrea for providing the valuable service of transcribing this series of 5G talks. 5 G is not here yet and we, as humans, need to somehow wake up and be more concerned about 5G than we are about Chris Rock getting slapped by Chris Rock and all the other nonsensical stuff that diverts us into apathy when it comes to 5G, Glyphosate, GMO's, Chem Trails, bee killing pesticides and so on. Just like we have demonstrations for human rights issues like "black lives matter," we need to have demonstrations for "Human Lives Matter!" in front of every store selling glyphosate and bee killing pesticides, and in front of every state house and Congress in DC against 5G, Chem trails, and GMO's. Enroll to receive blogs for organizations like Organic Consumer's Association
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