5 G Threat Wolfgang Jaksch and Morgellons DiseaseĀ  6/24/2021


5 G Summit worldwide call to action, June 2020  by Josh Del Sol, and asked for volunteers to watch them and write up a summary of each for us to learn more about this threat. Andrea was one of the volunteers and the first video she has written up was that of Dr. Klinghart MD PhD. This video was about PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy to fight the effects of EMF toxicity. This is new to me. It is different than Rife therapy. And if anyone would like to research PEMF further, I welcome it. We need to know all we can to offset the onslaught of detrimental EMF toxicity. Will PEMF therapy will be of value in getting one's life back from Morgellons? The answer is that if one is EMF sensitive, it may be of great benefit.

Wolfgang Jaksch  
CEO and founder of Swiss Bionic International,  leader in pulsed magnetic therapy devises. Pioneering work .
Since we are electromagnetic beings  there are ways to use EMF technology to benefit us. It is like with snake poison, it can kill you or heal you, depends on the properties. It’s good to talk about both sides of EMF,  harming one but also that EMF can be used for good purpose to heal people. Which is definitely possible nowadays. 

Based in Switzerland, born in Bavaria, Germany, former athlete, cancer survivor, 25 years involved in energy medicine, mainly pulsed electromagnetic fields, developed several PEMF ( Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field) systems including iMRS Omnium1 ( the world first full body, modular, portable, Android based PEMF therapy ). 2500 lectures worldwide. Licensed race car driver.
Personal story, what brought W. Jaksch into  position to be a leader and educator in PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) technology

When he was 26 years old he overcame cancer, Hodgkin’s lymphoma. It was serious situation, just 30% survival range. After surgery and chemotherapy he started to rebuild his body and he proactively tried to find solutions for him. Detox programs first, then he attended lectures, one of them was about PEMF technology with available units for home use.  He saw huge advantage of it and bought the PEMF devise. Because of chemo and high toxification he also developed insomnia, result -complete lack of energy.  With PEMF he started the way to recovery. It was his turning point. He tried also other methods but PEMF technology worked the best for him. Easy to use, in comfort of his home. Expensive but good investment for long period of time. In combination of healthy diet, proper hydration (good quality water) and using PEMF devise he made a progress. He got intrigued and started investigate this technology.
Using PEMF matt is like going to the nature everyday and get grounded. It has cumulative effect, you have to use it over the period of time, but then you can feel to be more energized, focused, more vital.

PEMFT– Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, humans as electromagnetic beings
Modern medicine is built mostly on chemistry when it comes to treatments but also on electromagnetic energy when it comes to diagnostic. EMR, CT-SCAN and electrotherapy based on electromagnetic fields. We all are electromagnetic beings and we somehow interact with energy around us. The reason you feel good on vacation is that you are mostly surrounded by natural information around you, natural frequencies from nature around. We have a lot of natural frequencies which are already backed up by science. Like natural frequencies which are in the core of our earth with defined properties, in terms of intensity levels and information spectrum - frequencies. Those frequencies are known, they are researched. Also intensities. We can’t survive in universe, we have essential things missing there.  No gravity, no oxygen and no electromagnetic field of the earth. In ionosphere (space between earth and exit out there)  we have so called Schumann resonance, standing wave in the Earth–ionosphere cavity. Schumann resonance has certain frequency,  the frequency of Earth’s natural harmonics 7.83 Hz. It is the natural resonant frequency of the planet and matches that of human consciousness at the optimal Alpha brain wave state. (Different organs of the human body produce different resonance frequencies. The heart resonance frequency is ~ 1 Hz. The brain has a resonance frequency of ~ 10 Hz, blood circulation about 0.05 to 0.3 Hz.)

It doesn’t fluctuate a lot. It means our eco system is pretty stable system within very tiny narrow window. It also means if we have interruptions, artificial information coming in, it creates some problems. When we get effected by artificial information  it looks like kind of a noise. Body says, sorry I don’t understand to this information anymore, I can’t interact.  We have 2 options: shut down the connection or it forces the body to turn to a different situation. And those developments are happening more and more. It started 120 years ago when first artificial information was presented to Mother earth – electricity. Before such or similar artificial information was unknown. We lived more or less with harmony with our natural environment. Nowadays it is not possible anymore. So we run more and more into deficiency because electromagnetic exchange between us, humans, animals and environment around us is disturbed by artificial information sources. And that creates problems.

Book “ Dirty Electricity”: Following increase of electrification you can see increase in diabetes, cancers… 20century diseases raised at the same time as all this artificial information were described, all modern benefits of electricity were reaching people. Two edged sword.
 “ Artificial information” - pulsing is artificial and frequencies are artificial. Frequencies are also carrying the information that interact with our electromagnetic essence.
Harmful effects of EMF and how can we use PEMF for healing                                                                                        
They are frequency ranges and intensity ranges which we are not able to take. In physics we differentiate between thermal effects, well researched and mostly related to the intensity level of EMF, SAR value which are tested and measured. But we have also non-thermal effects which are related mostly to frequencies. This non thermal effects can’t be researched and measured thru Newton’s physics, this goes more into the field of quantum physics. Quantum physics is new for medicine and it is not yet established in the classical medical world and therefore all these kind of energy healing methods are not very well accepted. It’s hard to do research on that because you can’t prove anything with Newton physics here. Example: You sit in the restaurant and somebody from behind is watching you. You have no eyes on your back, but you feel it somehow. So how is this possible? It seems like we are equipped with little antennas and we are able to communicate not only with our ears, eyes and mouth but also with some electromagnetic interaction with our environment. Maybe due to evolution it is shut down  but we still have these capabilities, we do not this consciously but our body has this sense on constant basis 24 hours.
In energy medicine first thing you learn there is no chemistry without energy. Every action in the body is initiated and maintained by energy. And chemistry which relates to it is just a product of it. And if we talk what harm us and what heals us is very important to understand that the way we are exposed to energy and how we let energy throughout our bodies decides whether our body stay healthy or turns into an illness somewhere. When the energy levels are not balanced the chemistry starts also going into wrong direction.
Is the body designed in certain way that can use certain type of frequencies or wave forms of energy?
If you look at frequencies ranges present in natural environment you have more frequencies between 0.1 and 25 Hz. Very low frequencies. And we can’t forget about the harmonics. Whenever two frequencies link each other they create over waves and those are so called harmonics. Music is a good example, all instruments in orchestra play in harmonic way, but  if one instrument is not playing correctly, it destroys the whole music. If we apply frequencies which are in the range of natural frequencies you can’t do anything wrong because we have been part of the nature over millions years. Natural frequencies are mostly between 0.1-25 Hz. We can measure harmonic over waves up to 30-50 kHz which are always dependent on basic natural frequency. Smart phone or antennas emit EMF with a property of the intensity level and frequency in the higher GHz rang , 24-90 GHz for 5G, but basically everything from 600 MHz to 90 GHz. (600MHz =600,000,000 Hz, 600 million vibrations per second) Now compare it to natural range which is between 0.1-25 Hz. It does not match at all.
What happens when  natural frequency meets and artificial frequency?
It create also over waves. But such over wave is not natural 100 % as well. What we actually produce is non harmonics over wave. So even more overload of information which is not going to resonate with us. It’s basically artificial wave which your body can’t use. It’s a noise. Problem is we have no organs to detect this noise. We don’t know if 5G antenna is around the corner. That is the reason to buy electromagnetic testing devise. If you can’t feel it you can detect it and measure it. That is the big issue of all these wireless technologies - threat is not there because we can’t detect it by ourselves, with our senses.

That’s why is important to share information and make people aware of it. That something is going on and it’s not right anymore. And think about our children. They can’t do anything about  it now but they will take the biggest consequences. We have to start to educate children in very young age already to become responsible when it comes to use of wifi and smart devices. All evolving civilization diseases like allergies, autism, ADDI (Adison disease) are overload of artificial information and the body is actually freaking out because it can’t take it anymore. And thru diseases this is how it shows. Thru the weakest  link in your body. It’s nothing else just your immune system tells you sorry I can’t deal with this anymore. And we have to be aware we can’t run away from artificial information. There is not such spot on this planet anymore to escape from it.

Together we have social influence to change the course, change the direction of this crazy push – 5G and educate our elected officials and take actions to be part of solution.
In the meantime - taking care of our bodies to protect ourselves, taking care of our kinds, cleaning up the power in our house, shielding, mitigating EMF and wireless and using PEMF therapy to bring us back to natural way of functioning.
PEMF what it can do good for me when electro magnetic fields are “ bad “   
It really depends on applied properties. We have certain number where we can identify quality and quantity of EMF thru Intensity, frequency and so called resonance factor. These 3 properties define if the EMF is capable of resonating, of interacting with receiver – human body. Idea of PEMF is pretty simple. As we can’t run away from artificial information completely, the only thing we can do is to avoid places with high doses exposure and to increase exposure to the natural frequencies. By increased supply of natural intensities and frequencies we can build up the strength of our body. With PEMF therapy we are exposed to electromagnetic field, very gentle one with very low intensity 22-70 microT. (T- tesla - unit of the magnetic induction), which is equal to the intensity of electromagnetic field of the earth.

W. Jaksch is 25 years in the busines, in 2006 he came to US & Canada introducing PEMF . Presently he has 1.5 million users world wide. It’s important what science says about  PEMF – they have very good evidence when it comes to the bone and cartilage metabolism, blood circulation, wound healing, urinary system regeneration, pain management, inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, sleep improvement. Also testimonials are important. There are thousands of positive feedbacks, people always get back, sharing successes with treatments of autism, ADDI, depressions…   Depression is not only mental disease but also physical disease - you are exhausted, out of energy. It’s starts on physical basis to rebuild your energy levels, to make you more balanced that creates such tremendous shift in your body and that will also shift mental problems. When you feel strong and motivated your mental issue disappear.
What about people with electro sensitivity “microwave sickness” and their use of PEMF for healing  
This is hard nut to crack. These people are “desensitized”. When the entire body is electromagnetically desensitized it’s very hard and long way to build up it again. If you use PEMF for such conditions, take your time, work with very low intensity levels, even start with very short application duration, because every little impulse which is a little bit to high can lead to adverse effect. It’s hard to treat that but it’s possible and you need to be patient and consistent, using it on daily basis but with VERY LOW intensity levels. It’s very important  to sensitized yourself  again for electromagnetic fields. People with hypersensitivity are prone to overloads, they totally lost their capability to deal with electromagnetic fields. The body needs to learn that again. That requires a lot of training and a lot of gentle approach. Facilitate the sense of safety again. Not quick fix for that.

We have thousand of studies that wireless radiation is harmful, how many studies you estimate showing that PEMF can be helpful to your body?
About 15 000 publications which talk about beneficial health effects of PEMF therapy, couple of hundreds clinical studies and trials, many publications which refer to positive effect which are not 100% acknowledged by classical medicine
What you will be looking for when looking at various PEMF technologies?
In order to get safe, good and efficient PEMF technology for treatment at home (not for diagnostic purposes) first make sure you get devise which is electrically safe and electromagnetic compatible, make sure you get a system which have all international norms and certificates and is registered with one of the national health authorities. (Canada- Health Canada, in USA -FDA) This is important because they are so many not reliable PEMF devices out there which don’t have any certificate and are not safe . 
Properties – make sure you get a system which works with very low frequency range - natural range between 0.1 -25 Hz, make sure they use basic wave forms - sine waves, square waves, sawtooth wave, triangle waves, everything else is artificial. Get a system which has built in biological clock- so called organ clock which give you correct frequencies depending on the time of the day you use the devise. It makes the application more easy, simple and efficient. For example if you use late night session before going to bed you have to use lower frequency range. When we are in sleepy state we have more Theta and Delta brain waves in very low frequencies. Make sure you get durable applicator which you can use on almost every surface.
There  are a lot of high intensity devises out (up to 5 T- same intensity as MRI – 100.000 times higher than Omnium PMEF devise) Those high intensity PEMF devises may show effects like depression.
New technology RTMS (Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) it can’t be done at home, for home users only safely in clinical environment and only with experienced clinical staff.
Make sure you have steady warranty, service, hot line you can call.  This is investment between $3,000 - $6,000 USD. It’s quite an investment but if you treat it well you can have it for at least 15 years without any problem. Good thing is you don’t have properties which you have to exchange time to time, it’s not necessary.  It’s free of maintenance.

How you see the future of technology from this point forward ? How you see the medicine going forward?
Because of all these new technologies medicine needs to be involved too. Not looking only into your symptoms, medications, chemistry… medicine HAS TO involve all  environmental changes.                       

Wolfgang Jaksch as an ambassador of energy medicine insists every study needs to be done in a controlled environment (which 99 % studies are not) If you do a treatment on the patient during the study you don’t know whether is 5G antenna 100 yards away which would definitely effect the result of the treatment. Study design nowadays is “ old-fashioned” doesn’t consider new environment. They are pretty useless when it comes to investigation of illnesses which are more or less environmentally related. We have to put environment into place for such studies.
We got total overload with all artificial information. So there has to be an acknowledgement in modern medicine. The future of medicine will be combination of  classical medicine with aspect  of modern life. We need to become more open minded not only created awareness of the threats but also to create the awareness of possibilities to protect us, to treat illnesses which will definitely evolved over the time caused by wireless technology.  We have to work against lobbyism from the corporate world. We NEED MORE RESPONSIBILITY in the nearest future because we talk about human beings, we talk about children.

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