5 G Threat Larry  GUST Affecting Morgellons Disease 3/18/2021


This is about her fourth one and by far the most informative one that you will want to keep to reference from time to time. It doesn't focus on 5G, but instead covers all types of EMF and RF and dirty EMG. You can actually use it to set up a program to insulate yourself from EMF and RF (radio frequency) in your home. See my notes at the end for suggestions on how to offset the effects of the various forms of radiation in our quest to get our lives back from Morgellons, Chronic Lyme, and Other Skin Parasites. 

Building Biology Environmental Consultant  - how to make your home safer-  Identification of causes of radiation one by one and then providing specific solutions
President of the board of directors of the Building Biology Institute, electrical engineer, certified mold remediator, certified building biology environmental consultant and certified electromagnetic radiation specialist. Since 1996 teaching classes at the Institute and before manufacturing development and total quality management for mobile oil corporation
Over 25 years as BBEC he worked with more than 2500 families in Atlanta, San Diego and LA

What is building biology – born in post-war era in Germany, different aspects together from health angle, engineering, architecture, more health supporting indoor environment, applies on homes as well.
The main focus for building biologist has become electromagnetic radiation. Larry Gust has done full building biology trade which is mold, chemicals, dust, with electromagnetic radiation representing the largest portion of his practice today

SOURCES of electromagnetic radiation :
We have natural radiation from cosmos and earth and our bodies are used to dealing with that. And then there is man-made radiation which is artificial to our bodies, called power system radiation - that is what comes with the electricity we are using at home, bulbs and lights creating a mesh of wires that surround us in the walls.  A lot of improvements in this area but the with wifi age we have radiofrequency - high frequency radiation. It comes to our environment from outside and also people buy new technologies which make them sick. With power system fields we have magnetic fields from magnetic field sources and electric fields which comes from wires in the house and then non linear power supply (from all electronics) that’s create dirty electricity, which is also called  “microsurge electrical pollution”  or industry calls it “electromagnetic interference EMI”

Radio frequencies sources – big issue, we have to think about where it is coming from. Typical cell phone system, 3G, 4G system and then roll out of 5G. You can do only shielding for outside problem, nothing else. Mitigation of the home and then legal actions (need to go to the state level and need lawyers to fight with the federal government) like laws in 1992 …

How concerned are you about 5G roll out? Very concerned because hidden in the wrapping of 5G they are putting 4G antennas on the polls with 5G antennas. Difference: 5G runs only when is a demand for service for “heavy data”, 4G runs all the time and now it is going to be outside of the house by your bedroom window, this is tremendous downsize for what being purposed.

Smart meters - how advanced meters infrastructure contributes to an increase level of dirty electricity?
It’s hanging on your/neighbor house and radio frequency (RF) transmissions from those devices can have issue if they are right opposite of your windows. Transmission from the meter can hitch hike on wiring and comes to your house on the wiring and there is dirty electricity component associated with those meters because there is non linear power supply inside the meter to be able to make electronics works. With all sources of dirty electricity, which exist in your neighborhood and in your home, the contribution of the meter is not particularly large BUT the radio frequency signal is something else.

Radio frequencies seems to use wiring in the house like the antennas so it goes thru the house with every pulse of the meter?  It gets on every wiring, on water pipes, heating dots, follows every potential path in the house.

What do you recommend for people having Smart meter in the house? What are your strategies?
In California you can opt out. Citizen group fought in Utility Commission until the came to end and option to opt out. Some localities they don’t have that. First step – to get the permission to remove the meter from your house. To move it from your house (depends on characteristics of the property) and to shield radiation coming from other meters from other houses toward your house, there are some filtration mechanisms that you put on entire electrical system, dirty electricity from the meter, but more difficult will be filtering out the radiation - 1GHz or 2.4 GHz that these meters are using either transmitting to the local network back to the utility company or they will be talking to your appliances and appliances will be reporting back what they are doing to the meter (this is another internal source you can have in your house - modern appliances - wifi in your fridge, washer, dryer …) You really have to figure out what you are buying. Do your own research. Try to find without label “SMART”, without WI FI. It is hard to find something like that, push is to make everything like that. Another external source - powerful wi fi in the house next to yours, just 10 feet from the neighbor, if you are very close that could be an issue
“Take back your power” Josh Del Sol movie about Smart meters

Compact fluorescent lights, fluorescent lights in general…any other sources related to the power system itself?
Computer can have power supply that creates multi microsurge electrical pollution (DE) Priorities - you need computer but can remove compact fluorescent bulbs. There is no need to have LED, they have power supply in them. Little improvement, we moved to LED which don’t have power supply in them, straight of 120 V and don’t make this dirt. You can go back also to regular incandescent light bulbs, stock up couple sizes. Reason: the light spectrum of SFL and LED is not good for eye health unless you are paying for LED which has been made with full spectrum where reds are missing, turned down blues which can create oxidation in the eye. It’s not about electromagnetic radiation but it contributes to your health over period of time.

There are so many multi - layers, so many types of technologies that we really need to start to think about safety and mitigating….
Everything with power supply contributes to dirty electricity. Focus on all sources of electromagnetic radiation in the house – buy low cost RF meter (cornett is recommended) others Safe & Sound meter from Safe Living Technology - or from Greenwave Filters  Safe and Sound Classic RF Detector - Greenwave Filters

Wireless router and computer connected to wifi router is 2- way street, radiation from computer is 20000 microwatts and if you have router in your office you can add 100000 microwatts/m2 very high level of power density, aim is to 10. Then cordless phone in base station in the office, always emitting, even if you are not using it still is putting out that signal. If you add it to router and computer you can get to half of million of microwatts which is ridiculously high level.
Another source - entertainment system Smart TV which is pulsing, cable TV black box associated with cable TV. Instead of controlling black box thru infrared it’s becoming RF and receiver is always transmitting peak in signals to make sure that device holding in your hand can find it. You can add another 3000-4000 microwatts while you are sitting in your sofa. Apple TV also emits pulses even you can plug it in, it still emitting pulses. Apple TV 5 and newer use RF. Recommendation to wrap this black Apple TV boxes in aluminum foil, it does drastically cut the signal down, it still comes out with the wires, but you reduce the pulsing. When you're done with watching Apple TV turn the power OFF on TV. Recommendation turn off power strip from everything from entertainment center when you're done with entertainment. Everything that was pulsing is no longer powered and goes away. 

Office peripherals – mouse, key board, printers, how critical? Good point because most printers are wifi function and that it another wifi source. Surprisingly strong. It’s communicating all over your house, like router. On most those printers you can turn off wifi function but you can’t always trust it. It doesn’t function but signal is still there. Wifi key board and mouse, those are Bluetooth, they work like in 30 inches signal distance, another 3000-4000 microwatts and it’s in your hand so the signal goes right thru your hand (they can contribute to carpal tunnel…)  Many clients by reducing electric field in the area they are working made big difference how they feel (headaches, mental fogginess) At the risk of your own health you really don’t need wifi, just corded things.

Your thoughts on “Blue blockers” ( glasses)? Good idea or you can get IRIS, which is an App you can put on your laptop or iphone - less effect on your eyes . Blue blockers are good when watching TV before you go to bed, especially when you find the correlation between watching TV and not getting the sleep, because of the effect on your melatonin level from blue light coming of the screen.

Gas meters and water meters: are going smart meter route, lot of different variations of the system they are using, but generally these are not sending signals and info so often as electric meters are doing and they don’t have peak signals (As far electric meters they are collector meters that might be a meter that collect all signals from surrounding houses then retransmit it because other houses are not close enough to the collection point the cell tower to make it work that you end up in much more level in terms of radiation that being put up by your meter)

Your thoughts on other devices in other rooms - we might have wifi phones with others base stations, baby monitors … baby monitors are child abuse because most people are doing video monitor and they put wifi right about the baby’s cradle, very strong for little child with a couple of pounds, it is criminal thing to be doing. You can do that thru hard wire system -, specializing helping people doing what they could themselves, they feature this system, how wire your house with your own help. 

Wireless phone or docked landline wireless phones, what kind phones we should have? You want to have wired phones, cordless phone goes right thru your brain…base station on these docked phones is always transmitting.  Satellite phones, on the other hand, don’t transmit unless you are using them, that’s small advantage. But when you on it it goes thru your brain. Cordless phone is like a baby brother to your cell - phone. Not good idea.

Other variables ….fit bit, apple watch … anything that is taking information without a wire by itself is not good for you. People have rashes on arms from fit bit. Your arm is a pulse point for your own body, your own body wiring system, your energy system and then you strip that “radiating thing” right over it, not a lot of sense. We need to  avoid all devices sending data without wire - wifi connected, it’s going thru the air and it will be going thru you too.

Don’t have SMART appliances in your house having wireless capabilities, do your diligence, it’s important because pulsing in digital wireless communication 30 years ago was more biologically active than electric fields and magnetic field in our power systems now.  Everything is working on digital basis and so you getting all the pulsing all the time. It’s important to become responsible for your health and your environment.

What symptoms did you notice in your clients before “cleaning the house”, what symptoms are caused by EMR?  RF, electric fields, magnetic fields are all in one basket and all people grab different symptoms from it. Electric disease – yellow eyes, difficulty in concentrating (wifi in schools is bad idea), fatigue, sleep disruption, headache, depression (big issues among teens), upset digestive system, nausea, dizziness, appetite loss, muscle spasm, numbness and tingling, tinnitus (number of clients after installing Smart meter, wifi was fine but Smart meter not)

What type of symptomatology improvements have you seen, small example?
Ability for sleep, even within couple of nights, less heart palpitations, depression, headaches, inability to think, to make decisions, having brain fog, these symptoms are like copy to chemical allergies, Alzheimer, Parkinson, brain function issues associated with RF radiation, muscle cramping.

All decrease when you clean up environment from EMR
Important to mention AD/HD and autism spectrum (Example: magnetic fields from router was below kids bathroom, plus electric field, when they were removed kids started to dump heavy metals (detox like crazy), there is interaction between all of these things in our environment radiation and chemicals.
All of these symptoms are listed in 1970 US Naval Research Report. There is about 10000 studies confirming that man - made electromagnetic radiation in varying frequencies have an effect on health started with navy studies, results of radar aviation communication. Frighting is they haven’t change thru 50 years of research, they are the same!

For power system, electric & magnetic fields, dirty electricity-Magnetic fields - comes from wiring errors being to close to appliances and pipes, you can buy a Gauss meter, you can monitor your house, discover areas where they are high and if you can turn off the power in your house and they go away that means you have wiring errors. If you turn it off and fields change you probably parallel usual path bringing current into your house by water pipes and cable TV connection.  And then you might sleep on the other side of the wall where you have refrigerator on and you can have high magnetic fields in that bedroom. You have to be aware of your sources and reorient the furniture and set up of the room and have distance from point sources like TV, like air-conditioning system, refrigerator motor, freezer motor… they use a lot of electricity and generate intense local electromagnetic field.

Electric fields - in most houses today you have plastic jacket in wiring, flexible conduit for wiring, those places have low electric fields from the walls. Others houses have high electric fields and the easiest way is to find the circuit that is causing the problem in your sleeping room and turn it off at night. Generally you don’t need electricity at night. Maybe for fridge or air-conditioning and you may re-wire a couple of circuits to keep those running. Inexpensive body voltage test kit – to figure this out for yourself. Turn circuits on and off and find which one is trouble one which effect the bedroom, labeling those you can make a map in every bedroom in your house.

Lamps or radio clocks, especially those with no grounding plug, do they do anything? You mean 3 dots on the plug (3 wires - hot, ground and neutral) lower electricity comes from that but not significantly lower to solve the problem, we are looking to be less or 0.3 V/m. Typical sleeping situation is 10-30V/m, only solution shut those circuits off,

If you want to plug some lamps you get some correction, but still you got what comes from wiring in the walls, that you can’t effect. You could shield bedroom with a paint. When you put paint on the wall you have to ground the paint outside to the stake in the ground, you stop electric fields and paint stops RF. Then you have to be careful about all wiring including charger of your phone, you need to take action to plug them, put them on the switches …that nature to complete the remediation

What about  dirty electricity ( DE) mitigating?
Dirty Electricity (DE) is caused by internal sources, your electronics, your complex fluorescents, older LEDs… you could get rid off all your LEDs or compact fluorescent, track lighting that has MR16 bulbs running 12 V, those create big amount of noises. You can get other ways of lighting with newer LEDs which don’t have transformers 120 V MR16 bulb. Once you eliminate all those you left with your computer. There are some relatively inexpensive devises you can plug in at your computer to work on that.  Then you left with all dirt your neighbors are making, industry and office buildings. For that you need the whole house filter devise.  Couple different brands (DE Terry filters, Satic filters) control voltage pikes and power factor. Cost is about 1400 dollars plus installation for the whole house.

Stetzer filter, Greenway filter, different brand plugged in an outlet without doing the whole home - reducing voltage peaks, which represents dirty electricity (less expensive). If you choose for more expensive you get what you pay for.  More expensive do other things like prevent your computer from blowing up at voltage surges coming by power line, lightning strikes, problems on the power line and power factor correction…so you can save some money…10% -30 % decrease of utility bills . Terry filters- power being reduced by making usable power, it’s cool because you can get benefits we were talking about and at the same time you are saving money on your electric bills so you pay for the installation over the years

Mitigation solution strategies for radio frequencies, specifically for wireless
First thing get rid of everything that is wireless, you have to have wired internet system, by putting hard wires, calling in low voltage communications company or internet over power line, so you inject your internet signal on the power line. (Not good for people very sensitive for electric fields, but for most of us OK). For very sensitive people Dedicated Internet Access ( DIA) -  you can have more separate internet lines over power line in your house going to all PC in the house and not getting mixed up, also similar devices to putting signal on your TV line.

You should get rid off your cordless phone, use regular AT&T devices or voice over internet protocol or your voice signal rides on your cable line, on your AT&T fiber optic line, you can get self phone landline converter, you can go to your computer and do your text on your computer and you can turn your iphone on occasionally what’s happening, you can wire your phone, there are internet adapters now - perfect for iphone 10.

Whole house wired internet solution there is technology called MOCA 2 which uses in house TV cable system, what is your thought about it? It does keep of electrical wiring, maybe less interference issues, good solution.
For people having wireless router to connect to the internet Dr Klinghart talked about company Little Tree Group that makes bags for RF blocking from special fabric to put wireless router in the bag - If you can’t do anything else - do this - bag, RF cloth or foil.

RF cloth for home and clothing, what you can tell us about the fabric? You can check what they propose, what frequencies they block and how much of those frequencies are blocked. Very good fabric comes from Swiss- Shield , Swiss- Shield Wear is meant to be incorporated into variables. There is Swiss- Shield Naturell which is muslin. Very fine wires, very close together, probably the best performance. General fundamental principle – wires of fabric have whole in them, the wholes  between wires allow RF to get thru. When the RF goes up and the frequency and waves are getting smaller holes have to be smaller to be effective. Right now there is the question if existing fabric will be useful for 5G type radiation with up to 6G Hz signals. What we have today is tested up to 2-3 GHz.

Larry’s preference is metal, because metal blocks everything, like aluminum foil, you just can’t put it over the windows. Day Light is another type of Swiss - Shield, has bigger holes so effectiveness is not as good even for lower frequencies, it depends how strong of a signal you have. You have to know what you have outside what you are trying to block inside before you make a good decision what product to buy to do the job.

Are you fan of EMF shielding clothing? Many clients who claim they couldn’t travel without it, every client is getting different response to that, some clients make lines like a sleeping bags and going on airplane they zip them up around face, so they can see. Face is not protected but rest of the body has very high reduction, they can travel very comfortable. They decided to look foolish but they can travel and not get sick. Style is improving over time, you have to get it, try it and see Larry has airline pilot as a client, very sensitive to emissions in the cockpit. During the flight he was wearing like scarf of multiple layers of Swiss Naturell. Couldn’t fly without it

What you have for people who want to mitigate at night time who have hard time sleeping? Full bed covering canopies?
Number one – choose sleeping time. You can paint your walls with shielding paint, make sure that windows don’t transmit, they have to be Low-E glass window (low emissivity), you have to put film on the windows. For people that can’t do this, RF tent from  Day Light  fabric which is not so good as Naturell but allows more ventilation, so it is all about how sensitive are you and how big is signal
In some cases you need paint the walls and get RF tent so it depends on your circumstances

Painting walls with reflective paints - any tips there? Brands you like and does it need to be grounded? Stick with brand which meet military specification, Larry’s favorite is made in Germany, for German military, grounding is not necessary to get rid of RF. RF is being reflected not conducted (97-98 % reflected ) 2 layers are 99.997 effective, it’s black and you have to put another 3 layers of color paint over it.

Fabric glass window frames, PVC windows frames - you could paint them, using special paint for PVC or you can put on window film, passes 80% of daylight, and block 99.99 % RF. If you have your own meter you can check all these things out in your house and make reasonable decision about what to do.

Final thoughts in terms of tips and strategies – “I have seen so many lives ruined becoming so sensitive that people can’t function … this is effecting everybody either you are symptomatic or not, you may not feel them but things are happening. We need to take action to clean up our environment, it starts with sleeping environment“
Building Biology Institute has experts all over the world, they are certified to walk in thru and making your home safe, check on The Building Biology Institute  

or Larry Gust website  
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Holland Shielding: The EMI/RFI-shielded clothing is made of the same material as Faraday tents, is very strong. The electromagnetic radiation protection clothing can be made in any size and even according to a drawing you supply. Optionally, the clothing can be provided with pockets, gloves, and/or face protection.

Best Clothing to Protect Against EMF/RF Radiation: It is easy to cut, sew, and wash, and will continue to offer EMF/RF protection after 30 washes. Testing has found Swiss Shield fabric to be 99% effective for protecting against RF radiation up to 1,000 MHz. Current prices are around $20 per linear foot. Swiss Shield WEAR fabric can be purchased from the following retailers:

V Technical Textiles (VTT) produces a line of personal shielding (e-smog) garments. This line of garments is designed specifically for radio frequency radiation reduction (RF shielding effectiveness) from cell phones, Wi-Fi, computers, cell phone towers, micro-processors and all other wireless devices used in our electronic world of today.

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Less  for EMF shielding Clothing

I thank Andrea for investing her time to watch and summarize the video. As I stated in the beginning, I must say that of all the videos so far that she has summarized, this one is the most informative of all of them. I suggest that everyone file this update and go through it and make notes and a plan to reduce as much EMF, RF, and so on as you can that you are exposed to every day and never ever buy or use a 5G device for any length of time. 

Now, one thing I realized when I read the health problems many experience (fatigue, sleep disruption, headache, depression, upset digestive system, nausea, dizziness)  that none of the experts seem to know is the benefits of boosting glutathione. It is well known that EMF/RF/DF decreases levels of glutathione as explained at so it is imperative to replenish glutathione with our MaxOne product.