5 G Threat to Getting Our Life Back from Morgellons from James CORBETT 3/23/2022


The chances of 5 G being dangerous is real. The new cellular phones are set to work with 5G even though it's not yet available in most areas. Why are we concerned about 5G with Morgellons? Many of us are EMF sensitive and 5G emits a very high EMF frequency.

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Canadian  lives in Japan
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5G is not just another generation of mobile network technology for carrying info…
Computers are smaller and smaller and
We are heading to the world when everything can have such a small device imbedded in it and
space for device like IPV6 to be individually registered
Everything that exists has own address in IPV6 convention
That is huge amount data which 4G cannot handle
Dream of 5G is to provide view on everything in the world
Not just internet devices, but things like fridges, lights, everything you own
Can be part of what is broadcasting

New Biometrics in that level?
Yes we are already there technologically
Some people are imbedding them with chips already
It is coming, we are heading there
First stage- wearable devices like thru google glasses
Then offer will be coming - Why you  are wearing it when we can imbed it in you
5G is necessary for this
Move more towards total control
INERNET AND PRIVACY (Implications of what was described)
2014 Conference hosted by -In-Q-Tel  
(In-Q-Tel  a Virginia-registered corporation, legally independent of the CIA but the corporation is bound by its Charter agreement and annual contract with the CIAFounded 1999)
Director of CIA then David Petraeus: Internet and devices is going to be used on spying on the public
CIA admitted  that even dishwasher will spy on you
Smart homes with google nest, amazon echo, alexa
Broadcasting back to CIA, intelligence agencies
Report on daily activities
Making life more convenient with smart devices but using them to spy on targets (CIA)
Track-locate-surveil targets (everyone)
About every aspect of your life, no privacy at all…. 5G making this possible

Dr. Timothy Shaklee
Plan” How to wire wired alternatives to 5G “
We moved from fiber to wireless
What described about would not be possible if everything wired
Not to that extend what 5G enables
If everything  has own chip, it wouldn’t be possible to  plug in every single thing physically
Literally every aspect of your life would be collected and analyzed by artificial intelligence and agencies to understand your hobbits , your network,  who you talking to, eating habits…based on they can predict your future activities
Level of control what 5G provides is almost unimaginable

How media in purpose talked about the story in way “  good or bad  guy” portrait
Not about the message  
Corbett thoughts-
Tendency to make to public,  this is normal for us…..yes they are spying on you but…who cares
That attitude , that kind of propaganda
Before Snowden there were a couple of people too
Media made the Snowden story about the person rather than information content
Coordinated psychological campaign to normalize this thinking because
Opinion matters
If your opinion doesn’t matter they wouldn’t try to influence you so hard

So the question is what position we can take, what will empower us?
We have to embrace it in right way
Consciously with intention
We can insist to use the technology in direction that would be good for humanity
It involves  “boycotts and boycotts”
Supporting things which are in line with our thoughts and not buying what is spying on us
Why you would invite spying technology to your home?
There is a Choice how far are we going to be immersed in technologies and when we are going to start to pushing back
Social pressure and convenience
More convenience you have from these technologies - more difficult it will be to live without  these technologies
More jobs will depend to be on FB, more pressure will be to participate on these technologies
You maybe opt out of these technologies but if 90% of people not,  then it’s hard
“Herding type of immunity”
But we have to draw line somewhere

2016 FCC announced 5G, big excitement
Tom Whiller “We have to be the first”
Trump  “We have to win this race with China and Russia”

HOW BIG THIS NEW 5G ECONOMY IS? (surveillance capitalism related economy)
HOW MUCH MONEY and financial motivation we are talking about here?
Corbett - We can’t even primarily estimate
 A lot of things included
2016 Press conference FCC/ Tom Whiller “If everything is connected to the internet who knows who next killer in this technology will be” …. Whiller had a point-
4G was able to change economy in way which people wouldn’t expect a decade ago (Uber, Lift…) and so on.
5G rollout is not really estimate able but is going to be profound effect

Data is “the new oil” now
Oil was life blood of economy in 19th, 20th century
In 21st  century data is going to be powerful matrix of economy
(you can see it already in Silicon Valley)
It is a new economy
What is the money anyway? Point is the power which comes with it
Money are essentially about power you have over people

Yes, thru health issues which can be vector for push back 
It started with general public awareness already
and surveillance factor
but the most dangerous
Internet is a nightmare in terms of our ability to live our life in anything approaching freedom, freedom from constant surveillance and control
Data can be used in predictable way
Project from Pentagon – Program  for Simulated Reality, simulation of the real world
It’s taking all info collected over time
Putting that into simulated profile of you
You can start profiles of every single person in the planet
To predict future events
This is going to happen
Sound like fantasy but can believe now it is possible
Insane, dangerous

Guiding ideology behind this -
This was a philosophy developed in early part of 20 century formulated in 1930's
By Howard Scott - an American engineer and founder of the Technocracy movement with M. King Hubbard, American geophysicist,  who advocated a more rational and productive society headed by technical experts
And in order to have technocracy incorporated in real life they need to have all information about economy and society in real time…
“How much energy, how much products, where they will be  sold, who is buying it… “
To create “perfectly balanced society”
In 1930 it sounded like insanity
Now everything manufactured will have own address and tracked thru IVP in real time
In 1930's it might be genuine dream with  believe that it makes people happy
Today it might be might be different agenda  behind it
We never have reasonable answer
BUT Why no more testing? Why right now pushing agenda?

ZBYGNEV BREZINSKI main player in technocracy movement
In Early 70's
Trilateralism, trilateral commission and elite planning for world management during Jimmy Carter presidency  , almost all cabinet members were trilaterals  
Zbygnev Brezinski was also mentor to president Obama
Zbygnev Brezinski book
“Between 2 ages – America’s role in technetronic era”
Published in 1970
Is about herding and controlling people
Quotation from the book :
The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of more controlled  society
Such as society would be dominated by a lead unstrained  by traditional values
Soon it will be possible to assort almost continuous surveillance of every citizen
And maintain up-to-date complete files containing even most personal info about each citizen
These files would be subject of instant retrieval  of the society
Such society will  manipulate emotions and control reasons”

How can we accept this new normal, where people essentially have no rights?
Interesting addendum to Brezinski quotation
In 2007 interview Brezinski talked about different era
That we moved into transforming world of internet age and bigger ability to spread awareness
And politicizing population in the way that was never experienced before –
People are becoming more politically aware and engaged
He thought this is a problem, he said
“That might be easier to kill million people  then to control million people”
Chilling Statement

We are starting to make very important decision how we move forward with this  technology
It might be our enslavement or potential destruction
We have to make important choices
What these micromanagers of society fear is
Aware and engaged population
We can choose what to do, buy, wear,  we act in the world and we can make a difference
Let’s not accept own enslavement and destruction
Let start heal and make a difference

Blanket Awareness Campaign to officials, who are influenced by  lot of lobbyists from the industry
So inform elected representatives that we are all together

Chinese social credit system
A system of control thru points - Social credit points
If you do things which were approved by government you will get points (credits)
Actually it is worse than being enslaved
If your credit score is low you can be banned from flying, restriction taking speed train
It’s a system of “rewarding” and it’s is hard to revolt against it

Canada, Carrot rewards
Carrot Rewards was a mobile app for residents of three Canadian provinces and one territory, allowing users to complete health questionnaires and track steps in exchange for rewards points. Users could choose during sign-up whether they want  AeroplanScenePetro-Points More Rewards or Drop rewards points
Taking vaccine, taking jog … this is rewarded

Already started to come to US in less obvious way -
Social media sensorship
Saying politically wrong words, stand on“ wrong” positions
Controlling behavior thru technology
Technocrats are going to shape you giving you  choices
Making you to choose easy path not difficult one

CLIMATE CHANGE and environmental movement has been hijacked by corporate interest?
Corbett - YES
Very big story published in documentary -
“How and  why big oil conquered the world in “ Corbett report”

Eugenic is important part of enviro founded groups
Another mind set of technocrats who are pushing 5G -
Idea that their gens are better so they deserve to rule about others
Elite group,  popular amongst  rich people
1960 - Mix of oil barons and eugenicist  merging to environmental movement
Control energy, control economy, control humanity itself- this is what oil barons learned in late 19th century by monopolizing oil industry
Now post carbon world
“Everything will be so green and wonderful and merged with everything else thru technology”
“It will be constant surveillance but that will be good thing…”

“Al Gore - World first carbon millionaire “ article in  New York Times

BITCOIN is crypto currency, it is form of crypto
Crypto and digital currencies have tendency to be thrown into one basket and looking alike
Part of psychological operation to make the public think it’s all the same thing
If federal government (fedcoin) is going to give you this wallet to take it sounds like bitcoin
You don’t put attention, make a transaction that way
Nightmare of total surveillance of economy where everything will be tracked and personally identifiable in your name
Positive, crypto does offer an alternative
Many options and we should use them in right way and learn what is bitcoin, what is block chain, what is cryptocurrency
Start to learn what these terms means and are used for

How can we use crypto to ensure and protect personal rights?
Absolute key: it  has to be open permission less network
Not anonymous, every transaction will be traceable to an address, not necessarily personal
In contrary
They try to create governed financial system and dictate by bank
Not transparent way and have to be aware how it is administrated,
We have to look at ways that are being used and types of terms that are being used
Many are meant just to confuse the public

If our action didn’t matter these people wouldn’t try to influence them heavily
What these technocrats fear …. aware and engaged population
We can make a difference
We all do have part here
Whether actively or passively
Many “something” depends on person
Spread awareness
Conscientiously, then you can have a choice
Think about things….  you buy, you use … you talk about
This is the position we want to be
Valuing essence of life
Standing for life

Not guarantee to have result, positive outcome
Just right thing to do
Trust in benevolent force of good

I thank Andrea for investing her time to watch and transcribe the video. Aside from 5 G being a health hazard, as pointed out in all of the video, Corbett gets into the potential use of 5 G in tracking the population which could have both good and bad consequences. In any event, it's beneficial for each of us to speak out and resist 5 G coming into our lives whenever possible. It has been banned in some townships and that's where we can make a difference. The problem is there are so many other world issues taking the headlines - Ukraine, gas prices, inflation, Covid19, covid 19 mandates, politics, and so on that 5 G, like Monsanto's glyphosate, simply slip through the cracks. Let's do everything we can on facebook, twitter, instagram, and so on to stem the tide of 5 G.