5 G Threat Cece Doucette Affecting Morgellons Disease 1/26/2021


CECE DOUCETTE,  “communication ninja”
Master in technical and professional writing
Bachelor in technical studies
30 years in field
Communicator and activist
Helped  First public school district in MA to adopt “Best practices for mobile devices “
Helped Public library to  host film series on electromagnetic field and health (first in US)
Coordinated grant for microwave radiation detection meters for residences to borrow in the public library ( first in US)
Collaborated with legislators in MA to create numbers of bills addressing electromagnetic radiation and public health
Helped to create EMF fact sheets
Leader in communication about EMF


She was involved in” 21.century classroom “about all new technologies and equipment for kids to succeed in life… she promoted WIFI, e-books, laptops , i-pads, chrome books
In 2012 she learned about bio harm from WIFI  from  documentary “ GENERATION ZAPPED
She done more studies, found out that scientific literature shows harm and another countries already are protecting children from WIFI
“Children are growing, developing brain, reproductive organs, nervous system ….and we are PULSING THEM with WIFI radiation close to microwave radiation”
There was only limit for heat aspect studied (SAM test) and no other safety limits for WIFI                                              
Not only heat effect is harmful but also non thermo level

Dr. Martin Pall scientist who reviewed all studies in document
“ 5G great risk for EU, US and international health”
Compelling evidence about  harm caused by EMF exposure and mechanism causing it                                        
Reproductive studies show that WIFI can change DNA, motility of sperm just in 4 hours of exposure

Cece started to educate and sending these studies to all school representatives in her district
She found out that since 2008 France, Italy, Belgium, Israel… many countries are protecting their kids from WIFI already, but not US
2015 help from school committee chairwoman, she contacted by call EMF expert on East Coast                
she was told she is the first person from school who cares about EMF !

Exposure to cell phone is like exposure to microwave radiation
We definitely exceed limits for exposure by wearing cell phone on our body all the time, in our pockets, purses…
Cancer, especially colorectal is rising tremendously
Keep cells out of your body and better use is hand free option to wired equipment
1 cell phone has 5-6 small antennas, which emits pulsing microwave radiation (data antenna, cell antenna, locator antenna, WIFI antenna, hot spot antenna, blue tooth antenna) - you can choose what you are using right at the moment and turn off others, especially at night

WIFI is legal issue, because schools are using technology for kids and teachers without safety education
Global thinking is that we shouldn’t go backwards on technology
BUT FCC limits were never tested for biological safety !
Cece was involved in the committee which came up with

Which was used for training in schools - first teachers, then kids                                                                        
(for example turn off WIFI if you are not using it, especially at night, devices only on solid surface, not on the body,  cation  for metals as they amplified  radiation, so don’t put cell  on metal surface and be careful having  piercing or metal glass frames)
Next step was to educate  parents and public health…

At least we have to let know public about possible harm …like alcohol or tobacco industry                                                 
We are morally obligated to protect our children

Health public department has to follow state and federal law, which adapted 1996 Telecom act (lobbying by industry - this is no way to go)
She contacted local Senator Spilka , talk about science with her and measured her cell and laptop in active mode
Break thru
With help of Senator they crafted document for public, put commission together, department of health, education, legislators, industry and non industry funded scientific experts
In 2015 Bill under Cece Doucette name was registered in MA

Info from Patricia Burk –  “Smart meter bill” was already in place
( about toxicity of utility smart meters for  kids, pregnant, elderly, adults with health conditions , possibility to opt out smart meters)
Panel of experts  in MA  was already there to address WIFI radiation to MA legislators and ask legislators for the right to let people know
Presentation at State House
Debra Davis –terrific info on 5G ,  Nobel price for peace and climate changes pioneering about environmental health
Dr. Sharma from India sharing his knowledge ,  his recommendation and success in India , world wide effort

Bill “ Doucette” - public  hearings at State house ,  she brought together testimonies from people who suffered or lost loved ones from electromagnetic radiation
2017-2018  bill came out favorably but still in process                                                                                                              
(unless public is speaking in large volume process is not moving fast , loudest outcry go faster)

Now MA leads nation with 19 bills addressing  schools, public health, utility companies in this matter, good example for others
Cece continued to educate people around the community (public screening of film “ Generation Zapped at State House)
Her Message was NOT NO TECH -  BUT SAFE TECH AHA MOMENT for many… our FCC guidelines are not safe

Film “ Generation Zapped” - more screenings around
“New Hampshire bill “ drafted  , involvement also from Microsoft representative from Canada
During bill hearing - presentation from Dr. Paul Heroux,   McGill University,  he passionately talked about Petri dishes with cancer cells growing against EMF, legislators listened in NH, bill passed on floor vote
Bill 522 – Effect of 5G and WIFI technology on health and environment went to the State House of Representatives of NH (courageous leadership in NH)

Film “ Generation Zapped”  more schools involved
Book “Captured Agency” by Norm Alster                                                                                                                                         
How Federal Communications Commission is dominated by the communication industries                                                                            

They were defunding program which suppose to be investigating non thermo effect of EMF                                  
Corruption on federal level                                                                                                                                                       
Senator in NH: “We have seen this again and again with chemical corporations, no surprise this is happening with Big WIFI like this was happening with Big Tobacco, Monsanto, GMO…”

Migraines are classic symptom for microwave radiation toxicity, nausea, dizziness, anxiety…and people are put on DRUGS instead ! …..memory issues, cognitive impairment, eye, skin…we have little small antennas around the skin radiation with 5 mm waves with 5G has huge impact on skin, it is harming!
Micro antennas for 5G are adding to macro antennas for 3G, 4G which are not going away                                            
Macro antennas are supporting small ones, who are not going  not penetrate thru leaves, water, air..                          
mall antennas will be installed on street level every 2-12 houses, no break from radiation

CORNET rf meter – detection of radiofrequency (available on, you can see and hear the microwave radiation, help to communicate
When Cece testified for the hearing of her bill  she brought also e- meter. She saw on eyes that nobody know about it…
She manage to talk to every single representative on the each committee
Later she coordinated small grant and negotiate acoustic meter for the library for circulation which was the first in the  USA on loan for public so people could start and check it out what it is “measure – remediate”

6 PART DOCUMENTARY FILM  and DISCUSSION SERIES by  Cece Doucette and Patricia Burk first in the USA, included                                           
“Take back your power” (by Josh De Sol)
“Microwave science and lies today”
 “Generation Zapped”
Talk shows with scientists…

WHO 2013 classified all radiofrequency waves as toxic-
Radiation from cells, cell towers , antennas, microwaves, baby monitors, i-pads, Bluetooth, Chromebooks,
“This is why kids are jumping out of skin”… central nervous system is hit really  hard
US NATIONAL TOXICOLOGY STUDY, our government brought 30 mil US to study over 20 year expecting to prove all cells are safe. They found clear evidence of DNA change, heart, brain, thyroid tumors…  Their evidence is highest public warning they can issue. On Nov 1, 2018 they put out their final report which FDA suppose to take  to the public but they failed to do that
Ramasini study from Italy …same expertise, same results

Kick from group of doctors in American Academy of Environmental Medicine
Their position statement in 2013 to schools in the US:  “please hard wire and do not let WIFI exposure to the children”
“He realized  this is serious and you can’t fix it when people don’t know about it”
You have to educate first
Brad and Lin  reached to Debra Davis for permission to make courses online to address environmental aspect and to train public and others especially in Europe
They and Cece distillated volume of scientific information to something brief what can teach public
What risks are and what international community is doing
They came up with ½ hour course

1.Wireless education
Schools and families course

2.Corporate Induction Safety Awareness
Corporate training ( price 25 $)

3. Robinhood program
If you are with the company which is socially responsible member for the community
And if you licensed to train people at work  (about safe  use of technology)  then you can point a local school and they as “WIFI education “ will donate licensing  to train your local school
They are non- profit organization, want to create win-win momentum for everyone

Watch “ Generation Zapped” ( DVD)
Take the course
Start FB page , communicate- educate in your community
You are not alone and don’t go alone
Watch for new antennas, don’t wait, go right to your town and say we are concern, this is toxic, here are resources to teach us, we need to start this conversation –

Excellent resource (document online)
Re-inventing wires - The future of landlines and networks
By National Institute For Science, Law and Public Policy, Washington DC
WIFI although convenient is very unreliable…..why ? …. you can find all 11 main reasons in the document online

Document in MA
Questioning the safety of our children exposure to wireless radiation in schools
(Every dose is cancerogenic, there is no safe way to use 2 way-microwave radiation)

Resource depository from Cece Doucette (google under her name) or go to video on you tube: