5 G Threat Dr. Martin PALL PhD / PART 2 to Getting Our Life Back from Morgellons 10/17/2021

About a year ago, I happened upon a series of videos about the danger of 5G. 5G is the newest cell phone experiment on humanity. It's a high frequency used to download and upload data to the internet. What the difference between it and say a radio wave? The length of one radio wave can be 65 miles whereas the length of a 5 G wave is in millimeters. There are 25.4 millimeters in one inch.

I purchased the series of videos. 5 G Summit worldwide call to action, June 2020 by Josh Del Sol, and Andrea volunteered to transcribing these videos for which I am very grateful. While all of them have been interesting and pointed out different destructive ramifications of 5 G, this Part II with Dr. Martin Pall, PhD, is the most important and informative series of all them. Just as I speculated previously, 5 G is not only going to dramatically affect humans, but all animal and plant life that is exposed to it. 

Dr. Martin PALL PhD / PART 2
Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University.
PhD in biochemical genetics from Caltech, California
Focused on the biological effects of electromagnetic fields
Expert in how wireless radiation impacts the electrical systems in our bodies
Published various studies on EM radiation showing there exists exquisite sensitivity to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in the voltage sensor in each cell and that this has massive impact on the biology on the cells of our bodies.

EMF has Massive ecological impact on animals and plants even higher than on humans
EMFs impact any animal cell (thru VGCCs) and plants too in much the same way ( thru TPC channels- have similar voltage center as humans and animals which opens channel for Calcium)
With 5G the effect is on the surface of the body but also deep into the body, consequences of surface effects organism which have much higher surface exposure relative to their volume  and are more sensitive to 5G effects. So plants and especially small animals will be more effected than humans.
Some frequencies were used as insecticides to kill bugs…. They are very sensitive to millimeter waves
Plants, trees have reproductive organs highly exposed.
Plants, specifically trees increase produce of highly flammable turpentines  by EMFs, they become highly flammable… it’s like spraying  plants with gasoline
Turpentine is active to spread this response to other plants (like messenger)
Dr Pall is assuming that a lot of California fires is caused by this effect (EMFs)
When you accumulate turpentines they can undergo chemical spontaneous combustion, they start their own fires under specific circumstances – esp. low wind conditions
strong wind blow away heat and turpentines.


1. Early onset Alzheimer’s/dementias

2. Autism & ADHD

3. DNA effects

4. Reproductive effects

5. Neuropsychiatric effects

1. Early onset Alzheimer’s/dementias  
Historically – mostly old people suffered from Alzheimer
Last 20 years strong onset of Alzheimer disease
Epidemiological studies suggested EMFs caused Alzheimer
Especially extremely low frequencies exposures…same target as microwave frequencies
Electricians have higher accidents of Alzheimer disease
Not only Alzheimer but all neurodegenerative diseases have excessive amount of intracellular calcium. EMFs and VGCCs activation cause increased calcium influx into the cell
In neuron cells there is increased production of specific amyloid protein which is characteristic for Alzheimer disease.
2 crucial studies by research group in China- they gave the whole series of short pulses to young rats and then stopped exposure and compare to middle age rats. All pulsed rats had signs of Alzheimer disease, problems with memory and behavior. They had high level of amyloid protein and oxidative stress in the brain
We will have huge response to highly pulsed 5G. Millimeter waves used in 5G can produce effects on brains of humans. Its’ reasonable to predict that 5G is going to produce the same effects like pulsation on the rats. If yes, than we will produce universal early onset Alzheimer disease from 5G exposures

No rational society would take this risk

2. Autism and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)
EMFs act primarily thru VGCCs activation and excessive influx of calcium.
Lot of evidence from genetic studies that mutation in VGCCs (by producing elevated excessive activities of VGCCs) can cause autism
Genetic polymorphism studies in human population show  when the form of the gene produces higher activity for VGCCs , it produces increased accessibility for autism
Epidemiological studies and animal studies show autism is caused by EMFs.
More animals studies with ADHD- part of autism spectra, just lower level than full fleshed autism. Mice study - prenatal exposure then stop, mice developed ADHD like effects.  Changes in the brain caused by radiation in uterus  are long term changes.

How this works :
Low Intensity Microwave/ Lower freq. EMFs -----VGCCs activation----[Ca2+] production------ impact 5 different mechanisms which are involved in the formation of synapses in brain .
During prenatal period there is a huge amount of synapse formation (the way which different neurons in brain communicate with each other) and in order for brain to work right it requires to have right kind of synapses.
5 Mechanisms of synapses formation, all 5 are regulated by [Ca2+] – intracellular Calcium
Chemicals have roll in this process too, acting on NMDA receptors  (N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor) is a glutamate receptor and  ion channel protein found in nerve cells.  Producing increases of intracellular calcium and impact synapse formation as well
There is a reason to think the primary driver of autism is EMF rather than chemicals because the increased amount of harsh chemicals acting thru NMDA receptor were skyrocketing after WWII and it was before the autism epidemic started. But chemicals  may act synergistically.

What about metals such as mercury? In terms of driving autism, also combining with EMFs
Each chemical can connect in various types of pathways thru NMDA to impact intracellular calcium production and synapses formation
There is a huge amount of evidence synapse formation is absolutely key in autism. Autism patients have changes in the connectivity in the brain and it is synapse formation that  determines the connectivity in the brain (a measure of the degree of synchronized activity between different brain regions),  there are changes in brain conductivity as well.

De novo mutations and how they relate to autism.

 genetic alteration that is present for the first time in one family member as a result of a mutation in a germ cell (egg or sperm) of one of the parents, or a variant that arises in the fertilized egg itself during early embryogenesis. Also called new mutation, de novo mutation.

DNA effects -cellular DNA damage produced from free radicals derived from peroxynitrite. They attack DNA creating single, double stranded brake and oxidase bases in cellular DNA. Those can produce de novo mutations. 12-15% of autism patients have de novo mutations.

3. DNA effects ( how EMFs effect DNA)

Human sperm can have DNA changes, the same changes produce mutations
Link between DNA changes and mutations is well documented
When you have exposure of the sort “often -every day - wifi - cell phone” …you have to be concerned  about what is happening  to the human gene pool and how much contamination is going on because of high level of mutation.
The biggest evidence that something is going on is from autism studies.
Human sperm can have DNA changes, the same changes produce mutations
Link between DNA changes and mutations is well documented
When you have exposure of the sort “often -every day - wifi - cell phone” …you have to be concerned  about what is happening  to the human gene pool and how much contamination is going on because of high level of mutation.
The biggest evidence that something is going on is from autism studies.
How far are we in potential of irreversible change in humanity now?
How much worse would 5G be in terms of DNA mutations?
Mutations are irreversible (not only potential) and they are cumulative
Autistic genetics data (the best data we have) argue that we are far along in terms of mutations, autism incidents are going up 200fold over last 50 years…and 15 % carrying de novo mutation is a big number.
Double stranded brakes in cellular DNA have special properties. When you have 2 double stranded brakes from different locations you end up getting various kinds of chromosomal rearrangements.
They go up at least a square of the dose maybe higher,
You see huge effect from VGCCs activation and you can see huge effect from 5G
What is industry doing is making impossible to escape from 5G.
The level of male dysfunction we are seeing is caused by the same mechanism involved causing autism and ADHD Autism& ADHD are more common in males than in females.
Genetic study- the same gene produces more severe effects from male than from female. Males are more sensitive to the issue of disruption of the synopses formation. Maybe because unique hormonal situation in male they have testosterone but also estrogen from mother, maybe impact that way. This developing dysfunction is starting in prenatal period. So we have to go back 18-20 years ago when they were in uterus. It means we have epidemic of male dysfunction from exposure we already have prior to 5G!
Definition of male disfunction: they don’t do well at school as they used to, difficulties in taking responsibility for things, many young males feel they are not functioning the way they are expected from society, frustrated.
EMF is physiologically addicted

4. Reproductive effects
Changes in the structure in testes and structure of ovaries, decreases in sperm count, decreases in sperm motility, lower sperm quality, lower level of all sites of eggs, increases in spontaneous abortion, decreases In all 3 types of sex hormones and libido.

How fare along are these changes in human population?
Study from 2018 shows the male sperm count dropped below 50 % of normal in every single technological advanced country on earth and reproductive rates in all those countries dropped below replacement level ( about 73% of replacement levels).
Animal study ( 21 years ago) – mice population after low EMF exposure (EMF levels within GSG) immediate drop within first litter,      
In higher EMF exposure – first litter drop, second litter drop, no third litter (90 days later), almost completely irreversible process, in lower EMFs level it took until 5th litter crashed to zero,  irreversibly.
Now we are starting to see crashes also in human population.
Between 2016-2017 3 small densely populated high technology East Asian countries – Singapore 31 % drop in reproduction in1 year, Macau China 26 % drop, South Korea 11 % drop in reproduction within 1 year.  South Korean government tried to stimulate the reproduction but failed, in 2018 another 9% drop in reproduction, If this continues in the couple of years they will be looking at extension, the rest will follow along. US in 2018 had 2 % drop of reproduction, we are looking at huge risk. These facts are based on exposure we already have, if you put 5G we will have gigantic effect (estimate population crashes  in 4 years)

5. Neuropsychiatric effects
Dr. Pall  published on this issue in 2016. It’s like an epidemic in our society caused by EMFs exposure - people can’t sleep, tired all the time, depressed, anxiety, memory doesn’t work, sensory problems developed in eyes, ears, lack of sleep, lack of concentration.
Animal studies in 50-60th described underlying mechanism - primarily brain structure is impacting by lower frequency EMFs. Structure changes slowly over time. If you take animals out of exposure, they will recover spontaneously. If you keep exposing them impact will be more sever in times and it will become irreversible. Average neuron in brain has about 1000 synapses. Doing these studies they found a neuron that has zero synapses! How massive the effect has to be to produce that. EMFs  are extraordinary powerful.

Also occupational studies with humans shows these effect are cumulative, more sever with time 40% of population will live  within 300 m from cellphone tower having substantial impact on neurological/neuropsychiatric part.
We have major impact from technology we have and all that is covered up by industry propaganda

Guess and prediction:
Based on we have from animals studies (effect goes 15x faster with animals) we have 5-7 years until our collective brain will absolutely crash (just from 4G extension, radars…)
We have expectation that our collective brain function will crash 5-7 years from now but with 5G it might take only several months.

 -  in order to preserve life, to have healthy future -
We need to stop running into wrong directions, putting more and more exposures
We really have to BLOCK 5G
We have to really block further expansion of 4G
We need probably massive law suits, legal actions ( like Monsanto case)

Individual protection:
Don’t use WIFI only wired version (WIFI in colleges causes suicide level skyrocketing, depressions …. no surprise)
Cell phones could be designed safer as they are, they are patents, companies can do that just they are not doing it, everything else can be wired
Shielding protection
Everyone will be severely attacked by 5G

Dr. Pall : “ My worst nightmare is that  perhaps our collective brain function is already deteriorated to the point where we can’t deal with this. I hope that that is not true, but if you look at world and see what is happening you have to ask the question”

For solution pathways including grassroots connections and EMF/wellness products go to

What can you do to protect yourself from EMF radiation?
1. Avoid getting a 5 G device and if you have one, ask for the 5G to be turned off and it operated on 4G.
2. Use shungite plates to diminish EMF radiation
3. Boost your glutathione with MaxOneto diminish intracellular oxidative stress, and DNA damage.
4. Participate in any opportunities you have to ban 5 G in your geographical area as they did in Easton CT, and one of the Hawaiian Islands.
5. I imagine in the not too distant future, there will be many options for clothing made of fabrics to help block EMF as you'll find at
Also, there are other body shielding devices. This one you simply put in your pocket book or pocket to protect you for a 2.5 meter (8.5 feet) radius. It is $500 and I can not attest to the effectiveness of it.



I thank Andrea for investing her time to watch and summarize the video. Of all the videos she had summarized, I find this one the most informative and most important.