5 G Threat to Getting Our Life Back from Morgellons -- Claire Edwards 12/9/2020


A few months back I happened upon a series of videos about the danger of 5G. 5G is the newest cell phone experiment on humanity. It's a high frequency used to download and upload data to the internet at super fast speeds. God forbid we go back to using our phone lines to download from the internet. 

I purchased the series of videos.  5 G Summit worldwide call to action, June 2020  by Josh Del Sol, and asked for volunteers to watch them and write up a summary of each for us to learn more about this threat. Andrea was one of the volunteers and this is another video featuring Claire Edwards as the expert.  

Worked in UN as an editor, trainer, and did intercultural writing for 18 years
Now she is an activist focused on 5G
More than 100.000 people  from more than 170 countries signed  the “ APPEAL”

EMF-meter in red colors in UN hallways, low ceilings with WIFI boosters…  people are heavily irradiated, EMF sources  suppose to be min 20 cm from human body
Claire warned UN Secretary General in person about danger of 5G, she called for hold on its roll out, interview recorded on video, that went viral, translated to 5 languages
UN Secretary General laughed and did nothing…..she sent a lot of email to everybody involved, no replies at all
Acknowledgement of “APPEAL’ will be sent soon to governments, especially after Elon Musk and his first 60 satellites installed recently (for driverless cars)

She doesn’t like to talk about it because “5G is of the scale mad “ and “if you are talking about it in national terms you are normalizing it and there is nothing normal about 5G”
19.sept 2019 draft of “APPEAL” was out and it went viral
In January it was published by tabloid in UK, in France- Liberation, RT America, media in South America, Morocco mainstream media mostly don’t cover 5G at all, only positive reports
Thru  the “APPEAL”, thru RT America coverage and social media sent message to the people
And movement started

She lives in Austria now
Swiss-  health risk of 5G on front pages in Geneva
Switzerland is significant, people are aware, advantage of 4 languages there, info can be spread to Germany, Italy, France
3 cantons opposed 5G
1 canton is questioning the government
Petition signed by 56,000 people for debate with government
2004 - Swiss acknowledged that  EM radiation is causing DNA damage and chromosome mutations
Yet they rolled out 5G in hundreds of locations

Lot of activity in Spain, Italy, France, activities around smart meters (part of 5G agenda)
Russia will not have 5G until 2024
Looks like they are waiting, want to know the impact what will happen in rest of the world after implementing it
Germany certain amount of opposition
Austria pushed ahead, it was the first country in western Europe to roll out 5G !
There is no organized opposition in Austria
Belgium –they are cautious, Minister for housing in Brussels didn’t want to give permission for 5G,  they don’t want to have own people as guinea pigs, but people are skeptical - it’s just rhetoric, big pressure, big lobbying around it
Inside information…someone approached Claire and told her he would fear for his life if he tried to stop 5G
Power behind 5G agenda goes from the top,
5G is GLOBAL AGENDA and only barrier to stop it from happening is INFORMATION
Information is powerful

UN IS NOT STOPPING 5G but instead integrating it into various programs
UN Secretary General is physicist, so he should understand the treat but as a response he laughed, no consideration about safety instead
PANEL on Digital Corporation was created, which  is stuffed with industry insiders, no doctor there, no environmentalist, all PRO 5G
UN Secretary General introduced document “ Strategy on new technologies” -agenda is being pushed on every program thru UN with NO single mention of health issues

WHO  in 1973 International symposium held in Warsaw     Symposium - EMF Off!
WHO (UN) was aware of toxic bioeffect of radiofrequency and microwave radiation!
And government level knew it also and they were silenced for 40 years !

PERSPECTIVE ON UN - what UN is doing (UN Agenda 21, UN Agenda  2030 Sustainable development)
Smart meters, smart cities are part of that
Is there attempt to implement technocracy, controlling people, taking their rights from them?
“Colbert Report’ by  James Colbert  – very informative

Notre Dame is symbol of France, historical side                                                                                                                       associated with Johanne of Arc and all monarchs who were crowned in Notre Dame
Ground Zero for Paris and France, all distances are measured from there, enormous significance and symbolism
World was watching fire and horrified, it was international tragedy ….. BUT
There is a photo on FB how president Macron and prime minister Phillipe were joking during this difficult time
Was everything pre-set?  It’s a mystery around it, was it an accident?

Notre Dame was under reconstruction at that time
When fire occurred  scaffolding was erected, but renovation didn’t start yet
But theory goes that 800 years old wood (oak) in cathedral construction is almost fossilized,
It would not burn …plus you have people there watching out for fires, so it was mystery how this fire could happen
Mystery deepens with founding that area around Notre Dame was already privatized
There was a plan for modernizing the area with shops …etc
Notre Dame was designated somewhere where small group of people wanted to
Shortly before the fire it was change in the law- no requirements to make reconstruction in the same way as it was ( according to UNESCO and National Heritage Rules)                           they proposed to rebuilt Notre Dame in some modern way, “to conform into the modern era” (prime minister)
Former architect of Notre Dame has been silenced
Proposals were taken from other architects
There was an aim to rebuilt the roof not the same as it was, but modernizing it
UK –there is an agreement in England between many churches and telecom companies to use roofs of churches for antennas
Within hours after fire in Notre Dame many oligarchs reached out to offer their money
It came out later, at least one of those oligarchs supporting Notre Dame renovation with his money was owner of one big communication company !
“So at least one has to wonder whether in fact they want to put antennas there”
French people would be outrage about it as a desecration of national monument

Actually all sacred sites, churches around the world are converting to something which is not right
Symbol the peak of the church devoted to our Creator now are changing to sites with antennas which are radiating and controlling us. It is desecration
No speculation, just connecting the dots to get the picture

Further desecration is cutting our trees by thousands, which are natural antennas ….Leaves minimalize milli waves by 70 %
Plan is to cut trees along railways, roads… for driverless cars and trains you need to cut trees to get the signal
And trees are essential for our survival

We cannot guarantee specific results in anti 5G movement, but we are doing it anyway, feeling that’s right
In every area of life we have seen, rule of law has collapsed, trust to government collapsed
(Monsanto, J.Assange…)
5G is against EU law, international law, human rights, in moral, experimenting without consent
Evidence is black and white and people have to realize that we can’t go to leaders, authorities anymore, because who is doing this?...politicians, leaders and we can’t expect them to stop this 5G agenda
So we have to go to own resources (like Josh de Sol)
5G is wonderful opportunity to be who you really should be as the human being
Mostly seen by spiritual people, not with those trapped in current paradigm (materialist reductionist paradigm)
This is the moment to be the best of yourself… personal responsibility to grow
You might think that somebody else (more qualified ) will step to this
But they are rolling out 5G now so everyone should go to own resources
Even just to talk about it to others, that’s fine
This as spiritual opportunity because we are rising our consciousness
Solution to 5G lies in the problem itself
5G is anti human, anti family, anti social…  5G is not about passion, love, creativity….. so go back to our humanity, our human properties without smartphones, you have to get rid of them, not just reducing them
Coming together is a process and solution for 5G
As we combat 5G we are creating new paradigm
Self responsibility, Self organizing principle
People believe they don’t have power because they don’t know what they are, this is infant thinking
We  have to face every challenge
5G is expression for wrong thinking, you have to come to the end with old paradigm,                                                                   NOT THE OBJECTIVE ( Western approach) BUT THE PROCESS has value ( Eastern -Asia, Japan, China)
We are the process, WE ARE HOW
Combating 5G is a process. Objective is uncertain, but process is important. Shows human values
Emotions, human properties can’t be measured, but only these have a value
Not everything with tag has value ??

5G is a combination of mind controlling system, physical controlling and kleptocracy to protect THEIR money

I thank Andrea for investing her time to watch and summarize the video. I find it fascinating that they are looking to mount antennas on church steeples. So, if you are a church goer and find that your parish has been contacted re installing 5G antennas on your church steeple, fight back and don't let them do it.