Constipation Re-visited 2/11/18


"I am taking the Diatomaceous Earth as you said, one teaspoon a day on an empty stomach. Please write down what else should I be taking I normally have problem with my bowels period ..I need something to help make them normal especially since I am trying to get these mites out of my system. You name off so many things I stay confused I do not have a lot of money but I need to start someplace. I am ready to buy the Ozone equipment right now but I need to be on some meds from your store. Please tell me what I need to begin with so I can get these mites out of my system." Thanks.

Hi Zelma

In addition to drinking 8 glasses a day of water, I'm told that Mag 07 is great for constipation
it's available at vitacost vitamins. here's the link

From your questionnaire, which I kept on file, it appears you're also dealing with Morgellons?

Are you taking baking soda? One teaspoon twice a day on empty stomach? It's one of the best things you can do for dealing with Morgellons. You can take it along with the diatomaceous earth at the same time and go up to one teaspoon DE twice a day instead of 1/2 teaspoon.

Then as far as supplements go, as an absolute minimum add the multivitamin and the MaxOne glutathione accelerator,

hope this helps

I thank Zelma for writing and asking a question. I welcome questions, however, I don't welcome commentary and stories which I sometimes get a lot of. Zelma did it right, she asked what she wanted to know in one paragraph. It took me one minute to read her question and fifteen minutes to do some research, look up her questionnaire to see what she's dealing with, and write the answer. Ask yourself a question, if you write to me would you rather I spend fifteen minutes reading your story or fifteen minutes researching and answering your question?

Last week I published an update asking for suggestions in addition to the one I had using psyllium husks to deal with constipation. I received two responses with the same answer: Magnesium.

Christina wrote, "magnesium has a laxative affect and most people are deficient in it anyway. Can be taken in liquid or pill form. Helps immensely with muscle cramps also"

And Ann wrote, "MAG 07 is a good product for Constipation. It is on Vitacost."

Again, I thank both of them for their input--it's how we learn to get our lives back.

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