Sweet Tooth Fudge Recipe 2/7/18

Melisa contributes a recipe for your sweet tooth that is stage I of the diet compatible. She writes.

"I used to crave sweets. Now I have a recipe for home-made "fudge:
1 bar "Baker's" Brand 100% cocoa chocolate. This is the only brand I could find at 100% cocoa with no other ingredients (as it is very important not to have any sugar, soy or artificial sweeteners, especially when we're talking unnecessary foods like treats)
Liquid Stevia---up to 1/2 bottle
1-2 organic raw eggs.
1/4 cup of Lactose free milk or cream without additives. Costco has lactose free milk without additives, not sure where to find cream without additives.
2 Tbls. organic butter.
1 tin pie plate, small to medium size.

Use 1 Tbls. of the butter to grease the bottom and sides of the pie tin and set tin aside.

Start by melting the remaining butter in the bottom of a smaller sized vegetable pot. This is simply to grease the pot itself and has little to do with actual ingredients.

Once the metal is coated on the surface and up the sides, add in the 100% Baker's chocolate, broken up so it fits easily and will melt more quickly and evenly. Do this on a very low flame.

Add one of the eggs and keep stirring, adding liquid stevia and milk and another egg alternately as you go along to maintain as smooth and stir-able a consistency as possible. Taste the mixture as you go to get the sweetness you like. Use a clean spoon each time if you're concerned about contaminating the spoon with parasites from your mouth. You'll know you're done when the mixture is uniform and moves about like brownie mix.

At this point, turn off the stove and proceed to pour the mixture into the greased pie tin, spreading as evenly as possible. Refrigerate several hours (or over night). Use the freezer for faster results. Comes out like fudge.

Order extra stevia and don't make it every single weekend. One pie tin should last any normal person at least a week. I don't know how much chocolate anyone else eats, but any more than a little piece every day or every other day reeks havoc on my naturally delicate stomach regardless of any parasites, plus, I don't want to tire of the only sweets I can have. :)"

I thank Melissa for taking the time to share her discovery. The use of organic is up to you as a personal preference. The parasites don't seem to care and will not activate with non organic foods. You can get the right liquid stevia from our on-line store under supplements. Personally, I'd probably go crazy and eat a quarter of the tin of fudge in one sitting to catch up with lost time. lol