Is Morgellons Contagious? 2/1/18

Earlier this week, an update provided a link to a paper comparing animal infectious agents to Morgellons. The report stated that Morgellons is contagious. In response to that, Molly wrote the following:
"Hi Richard,
I've read articles that talk about the similarities between Bovine Digitalis dermatitis and Morgellons but that's where it ends. The studies I have read have declared that Morgellons is only similar but is indeed NOT the same thing and Morgellons is also NOT contagious regardless if people in the same household or proximity have contracted it. They probably were exposed to the same agent that causes Morgellons which seems to be pointing to Lyme. To understand Morgellons please go to http:/ or google The Charles E. Holman Morgellons Disease Foundation. Both websites state that Morgellons is a NON infectious disease/disorder and the fibers are NOT parasites but human collagen."
Thank you,"


"Yes, I'm aware that the Morgellons foundation, Dr. Savely, and Dr. Karjoo all claim that Morgellons is not contagious. The Morgellons foundation even holds a conference yearly in Texas and invites everyone to attend. Yes, I'm aware of all of that. Dr. Savely, in her book, also says that disinfection is not necessary and I have hundreds and hundreds that would dispute that fact.

Whether Bovine Digitalis dermatitis and Morgellons is the same? I didn't see that conclusion in what I read of the paper either. but the spirochetes are there which makes it of great significance. I believe the bigger point that the paper made was that in the world of animal science, the disease is recognized as opposed to human medicine where it is dismissed as delusional. Can you imagine a veterinarian telling a cow that it's symptoms are delusional? lol

With regards to it being contagious, I have dozens and dozens of emails and communications for people who claim that they either gave Morgellons to a friend or family member or have contracted it from a friend or family member. Am I to call them liars? .

From personal experience, I have a policy to not accept returns on any products we mail out to our customers. I broke that policy for a lady who paid $250 for the detox kit who had both Morgellons and Collembola. When she learned that it would activate Collembola and she didn't want to waste all that money, I agreed to take the kit back after she had opened our packaging.

I thought I had disinfected the package thoroughly, but within days of opening that package, I developed a large non healing lesion on my hand--nothing like I had ever experienced before. Fortunately, NG is powerful and I got rid of it in one week. But, my experience also agrees that it is contagious. And for six months after that, I had minor symptoms, like a bruise or blood spot under my skin, appear on that hand which I got rid of each time with NG. So, you will not see that detox package available in our store again--I've gone the route of food grade diatomaceous earth as a detox� agent plus it's only around $10 instead of $250.

Plus, in an update about three months ago, I posted a study that was done in 2013 which found that the filaments, made of collagen and keratin, contain spirochetes in and on them. That is not good news! For, if a fiber touches your skin, there are spirochetes on it. The study surmised that it was something about the spirochetes that promoted the growth of the filaments. And I wonder if those spirochetes can be infectious by finding their way into another person's pores?"

I thank Molly for writing. From my understanding those at the Morgellons foundation also believe my diet has no foundation. You be the judge.

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